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Billie Eilish Hated, This Is How She Responded

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Nora Pattugalan

Having won International Female Solo Artist at the BRIT Awards, Billie Eilish admitted that she felt hated by many. Amidst the success, awards, and all, people online made it aware that not everyone liked Eilish. During an interview with E! News, the young solo artist explained how she read the comments and decided to stop reading comments on social media posts. Despite all the hatred she has received, Eilish remains to focus on the love from fans and supporters from around the world.

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Billie's Humble Beginning

News surrounding the singer appointed towards her flaws and success as she is constantly being moving to the top in the music industry at a young age. Commentary such as Eilish not singing and not deserving the success, has truly got under her skin. Beginning her career, Billie Eilish was nearly sixteen years old. With the help of her brother Finneas, the singer didn’t know just how well things were going to be for her. By 2017, EP singles were released, penning Billie Eilish as a beginner. By 2018, her music startled the world.

Hatred on Social Media

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

Celebrities go on social media to post their daily activities much like everyone else. The status of fame and wealth differed for the most part. Whether it’s due to the envy of her success or the consistent boredom, people go online expressing their opinions toward Billie Eilish. This is done assuming she would read the comments and feel nothing from it. Regardless, the singer has openly stated that people online have ruined the positive parts of social media; blocking the chance of communication with true fans.

Reactions From Haters

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Each time Billie Eilish had won an award or was recognized for her work, someone had something to say, posting online. There are many examples of the things people would say toward Eilish as her music did not match their own taste. While this isn’t new to many, it is very new to Billie Eilish. Had she should have expected it would be a careless thought. Although it is true. Any person stepping into the spotlight will receive both sides of the coin because people can and will express their feelings.

Billie’s Next Step

Moving forward, only time will tell whether Billie Eilish will opt for comments online, or be driven to quit social media altogether. As it affects her mentally and emotionally, there is no telling how the turning off of comments will laster. However, the singer will continue to keep doing what she loves, she will keep succeeding and being rewarded for it. How she reacts herself, toward the ever changing opinions can help her grow as a person and artist in the long run.

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