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The End of 'Grace and Frankie'

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By shirleena cunningham

Netflix is known for cutting its series short. Fuller House will end after just 4 seasons. The longest-running series Netflix has had was Orange is the New Black and it was only 91 episodes, with 7 seasons. That is rare for such a hit show. Grace and Frankie are just as popular as Orange Is the New Black and it will become Netflix's longest-running show ending with 94 episodes. Grace and Frankie have been nominated for one Golden Globe and 11 Emmy awards.

How did these two start acting

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

It's no secret that Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin have been working in Hollywood for decades. Both actors started their careers in very different ways.

Jane Fonda came from a Hollywood family. Her father is legendary screen star Henry Fonda, who is an Oscar winner. Jane Fonda followed her father's footsteps in acting after she met Lee Strasberg and joined the Actors Studio.

Lily Tomlin had a different path. Her parents suffered through the Great Depression, her mother was a nurse's aid and her father was a factory worker. Both worked very hard to put food on the table. Lily soon graduated from college and started doing stand up comedy at nightclubs in Detroit and New York City. Soon she got the attention of Merv Griffin and won a guest spot.

How did Grace and Frankie came to be

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One day the phone rang and it was Lily Tomlin's agent calling Jane Fonda's agent. Lily was calling because she would like to do a project or a skit of some kind, with Jane Fonda. Jane mistakenly thought Lily Tomlin wanted to do a show with her. Lily responded, "I do now!"

The two Hollywood icons teamed up with another icon to produce the show, Martha Kauffman. Martha was co-creator of the NBC hit comedy FRIENDS. Along with Howard J. Morris, the four ended up creating a show for all ages.

So why is it getting canceled?

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If Grace and Frankie so popular with the fans and the critics why is NetFlix canceling the show after 7 seasons? According to an interview at the Los Angeles Times with Martha Kauffman, it was not just a creative one but it was a number of things.

“It was a combination of things,” she says, feet resting atop her coffee table. “Netflix isn’t doing long-term series anymore. And we are really lucky that we got the seventh season. I think when we started, we imagined seven seasons. But, really, this is the kind of decision that comes from Netflix. But as sad as I am that it’s ending, there’s something that makes sense about it.”

But that's Not the End for our favorite duo

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It's the 21st century and we live in a world of streaming services. Where you can watch a classic TV show on the same service as you do a current show.

So when a show like Grace and Frankie ends after 7 seasons it will never really end. Generations to come will discover it year after year. The fact that this show already touches all age groups tell us, it will truly never go away. That is what makes streaming services so great.

So what's Next's

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So what's next for our ladies? Well, Lily Tomlin has a film she staring in called 'The Road House'. The film is currently in pr-production but a few details have been released. It will be directed by Hunter G. Williams and written by Hunter G. Williams and Chris Hayes. The film is about a man named Devon Carmichael who fell into some bad luck. He lost his job, girlfriend, and home in one day. So he decided to travel to Napa Valley and discover the California wine country.

Jane Fonda currently doesn't have anything coming up. But as audiences, we would love to see her in something new soon.

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