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Celebrities That Look Completely Different Now: Their Weight Loss Secrets

Gettyimages | Kevork Djansezian
By Kirstin Chock

A lot of celebrities have embarked on a weight loss journey and have come out looking almost unrecognizable. One of the biggest weight loss transformations was Grammy winner artist, Adele, who lost a whopping 100 lbs!

How did she do it? Her weight-loss secret was following the sirtfood diet. And other celebrities have found success with this diet as well. But, this isn't the only way to lose weight. Here's a list of a few other celebrities and their weight loss success stories and secrets.

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Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Weight

Gettyimages | Robert Kamau

Like every woman, Jessica Simpson put on weight when she got pregnant with her daughter. However, through pregnancy she gained a staggering amount of weight and tipped the scale at 240 lbs. At a height of 5'3", she was morbidly obese, which poses many health risks.

So, she embarked on her weight loss journey and lost 100 lbs! Her weight loss secret was walking 12,000 steps per day, getting at least seven hours of sleep, enjoying three full meals and two snacks daily, and doing circuit training workouts three to four days a week.

Simon Cowell

Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth

Known for his brutal honesty on the judging panel, Simon Cowell has gone on a weight loss journey of his own. While he didn't lose 100 lbs, he visibly looks very different, even when he sits as the judging table.

Simon lost 20 lbs and we can tell. He's lost weight in his face and mid-section. Even though he wasn't morbidly obese, he said he went on a weight loss journey because he wanted to create a healthier version of himself. His weight loss secret was not eating any dairy, wheat, or sugar.

John Goodman

Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Hilarious actor John Goodman went on an incredible weight loss journey and came out looking almost unrecognizable. His heaviest was 400 lbs, and that's when it really hit that he needed to make a change.

His weight loss secret was eliminating drinking alcohol, eating more fruits and vegetables, eating lean meats, and hiring a personal trainer. As a result, he has lost over 100 lbs and has kept the weight off for quite some time. We can all agree, Mr. Goodman did great!

Ariel Winter

Gettyimages | Jemal Countess

Modern Family star, Ariel Winter, went on a weight loss journey of her own and transformed into this sexy, lean machine. She started the show at 10 years old and at such a young age, there's a lot of things to deal with.

She has surely had her share of body shammers over the years and has been accused of using drugs as her weight has fluctuated over the years. But in an interview, she stated how she has been dealing with depression, and the weight fluctuationswere due to her depression and constant change of anti-depressants. Now, that she has found the right combination of medications and has her depression under control, she has been able to control of her weight and her life. We're happy for you Ariel!

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