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Jessie J delivering a great performance

Jessie J Is More Than Just Channing Tatum's Girlfriend, She's An Artist!

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By Aja

It's difficult to see a brilliant artist be so underrepresented by the media. Singers like Indie Arie, Pink and Jojo aren't seen in the public eye as great singers, simply because they choose to go their own path. Jessie J is another female artist with great talent but little to no recognition. If female artists were treated equally in the industry, she'd be as big as Beyonce by now. It's ironic that only after the Personal singer started dating Magic Mike Channing Tatum that Jessie J became relevant. People forget that Jessie J was a hit-maker long before Tatum showed up.

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Jessie J Has 20 Hit Songs In Total!

Jessie J performing
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Spanning over 10 years since Jessie J first stepped out onto the scene, the singer has dominated the charts. The R&B and Pop singer had "16 Top 40s on the Official Singles Chart, including ten Top 10s, three of which reached Number 1." Even her first three studio albums have peaked inside the Top 5. With five studio albums already released, including her 2018 Christmas album, Jessie J definitely is a serious artist. Given her successful artistry, fans have even hand-picked songs the singers greatest hits such as Domino, Do It Like A Dude, Masterpiece and Calling All Hearts. That's a pretty impressive list!

Jessie J Won Several Awards

Jessie J giving an emotional performance
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Jessie J has won several awards, including her Grammy win at the 57th Grammys for the hit song Bang, Bang, Bang!. The song, however, featured other big name artists like Nicki Mjani and Ariana Grande--as if she needed their help. She could've sung the song solo it would still be a hit-maker. The Sweet Talker singer then went on to receive other critically acclaimed awards such as the 2011 BRIT Award For Rising Star and the MOBO Award For Best Album for her 2011 album Who You Are. The singer is practically a legend in the making.

Her Love Song To Tatum Might Hint At Another Album

Jessie J by a piano
Gettyimages | Koury Angelo

Jessie J and Channing Tatum maybe an item at the current moment but that doesn't mean her singing career has to come to a halt. The Alive singer is still rolling out hits and might even be releasing a new album. Last year, the singer released a new untitled song. Jessie J did a live edition of the song at a special concert at the Troubadour in West Hollywood back in 2019. Given the following lyrics, "If it's forever / Let's just simply be in love," it's clearly meant for Tatum. Nonetheless, Jessie J is great at writing about relationships and love. Hopefully the track will get a proper release.

Jessie J Was A Voice Coach!

Jessie J on an outing
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Jessie J knows what it takes to make it in the industry as a great singer. For her, it's not always about the sexy clothes or the raunchy dance performances. Rather, it's about the talent. That's why the Masterpiece singer was invited to act as a judge on several The Voice competitions. She was one of the original judges on the The Voice Uk and starred as a guest judge on the Austrailian version in season 4. At age 15, Jessie J competed in a singing competition herself, a talent show called Britain’s Brilliant Prodigies and won Best Pop Singer. Jessie J has a soft spot for the emerging artists.

Jessie J Also Loves To Give Back

Jessie J at an event
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Not only is Jessie J an extraordinary singer but she's also done some charity work. The powerhouse singer has appeared on both charity telethons Children In Need and Comic Relief. The singer decided to get her hair shaved live during Red Nose Day in 2013. Her efforts helped to raise money for good causes. Jessie J donated to the Musicians on Call program, the Save the Music Foundation, and the Small Steps Project. Jessie J takes pride in the fact that she's a philanthropist as well as being one of the greatest singers of this generation.

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