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3 Essential Devices for Every Vacation

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By RachelBolin

Travel is one of the most eye opening experiences in the world. It allows you to experience different cultures and see the world from another point of view. Vacation is the one thing most people look forward to every year. Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian looks forward to vacations with her family. It's that moment when you get to forget about all the worries and stress of everyday life. All of that said there is the stress that comes with preparing for vacation. The stress of planning, saving, and packing can become overwhelming as the day draws near. While we can't help you save we can give you some packing tips because the worst feeling is getting where you're going and realizing that you forgot something that you needed/wanted for the trip.

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Reusable water bottle

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I will say this time and time again. One of the best things to bring with you in your travels is a reusable water bottle. It cuts down on waste and you don't have to worry about paying for water bottles time and time again. Instead, you can just fill up your reusable bottle where ever you go. If you don't like lugging a heavy metal bottle around with you then you should definitely check into purchasing a collapsible water bottle. They are great for on the go and once you're finished it can be neatly stored in your purse or backpack without weighing you down.

Portable Charger

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For your sake I hope you are not like me, the person who depends on her phone for directions and digital tickets. If you are like me then you probably have serious fears about your phone dying at the most inopportune times. I've been there and experienced it. At one point I got lost in an airport with my phone on deaths door and no way to double check the time or reach my fiance who was waiting at the gate. It was an incredibly scary feeling and I never want to feel it again. That is why I highly recommend getting a portable battery pack that you can pull out to charge your phone when you need it most.

Packing Cubes

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I am a big believer in being as organized as I can when packing. This stems from an experience in which I forgot my anti-rejection medication. If you know of Sarah Hyland and her health issues then you may realize how important those medications are to transplant patients. My medications along with other my desire to know exactly where everything is has caused me to fall in love with with idea of packing cubes. They allow you to separate everything by the room they are used in and the day you plan on wearing them if you like.
The best thing to do is start preparing a list of what you will need a couple weeks before you start packing. Pair your list with your packing cubes to develop a quick and easy way to make sure you don't forget anything you need.

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When all is said and done vacations are full of amazing memories, beautiful sights, and often wonderful people. It is so important that little things are not forgotten because little things can have a big impact. Having things like reusable water bottles, portable chargers, and packing cubes can save you time and money.
The most important thing to remember is that forgetting something doesn't make or break your trip. No matter what your destination is there are going to be stores along the way. You don't have to buy it all from amazon, all at once, or at all to have a wonderful vacation. If you're going somewhere cold remember to rock your favorite coat. If you're going somewhere tropical being your swimwear so you can shine on the beach like Kim did in those steamy photos Kanye took of her in her bikini! Whatever the case enjoy yourself and make unforgettable memories.

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