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Linda Ramone on Her Late Husband Johnny Ramone and Keeping His Legacy Alive

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By Kevin JP

Linda Ramone recently opened up about all things Ramones and spoke about everything from her relationship with Joey in the early days to their break-up and getting together with and marrying Johnny. She also shared what is was like back in the day and what it meant to Johnny for her to carry on the legacy of his and the band. Linda tells us what her life is like today and what she's been doing to make sure that The Ramones live on!

Linda, Joey & Johnny - Love Triangle or Not Really?

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The story of Linda, Joey and Johnny Ramone goes something like this. Linda was 18 when her best friend took her to CBGBs to see the Ramones perform for the first time. She quickly became a fixture at the club and started dating Joey not long after. Johnny fell in love with Linda during this time and persisted so strongly that he brought her 3-1/2 year relationship with Joey to an end. Joey fought for her for a bit, but gave up for the sake of the band.

Moving On

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Johnny and Joey fought over Linda for some time, but Johnny was so adamant and there was nothing more important to Joey than the Ramones so he ultimately threw in the towel. There are rumors that Joey beat up Johnny and vice versa. Whichever the case, the two hardly, if ever, spoke directly to each other for the remainder of their lives. Johnny and Linda soon married and stayed together until Johny passed in 2004, as did the band play on as well.

Gabba Gabba, Hey Let's Go to Court

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Page Six reported that Mickey Leigh, the brother of the late Joey Ramone, accused Linda has been cashing in on the band's punk legend reputation by putting their name on her ranch in Los Angeles. He carried out his gripes in Manhattan Supreme Court in early 2019. Mickey Leigh feels as though she is throwing bay the wayside their duty to protect the iconic band's brand for the sake of personal ego and profit. Linda has been ordered to change the name of the ranch.

Carrying the Torch

Linda told the Fox News Network that carrying on Johnny's legacy was very important to him. 'When Johnny was dying, he would talk about his legacy all the time. It was very important to him. So for him to put me in charge of his legacy – that was always the biggest thing he could ever do for me.' He would always say, "I would rather be here keeping my own legacy alive. But if there’s one person I’m picking, it’s you."

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