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Hacks From Hollywood's Perfect Mom: Chrissy Teigen

Gettyimages | Lars Niki
By Rima Pundir

Chrissy Teigen knows how to take it, double up and give it back with interest. And she's definitely one of the coolest Hollywood moms around, never afraid to share the truth and happily dishing it out to the trolls as well. So how does she do it all? While Teigen may be as self-deprecating as any mom, she now believes she's got it down to a pat, and these are the mom hacks that make it all work perfectly for her...

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It Takes A Village

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Teigen has two kids with husband John Legend, daughter Luna born in 2016 and son Miles born in 2018. And she firmly believes none of her "cool motherhood" would have been possible if she hadn't had the help of the nanny, the nutritionist, the other staff she and Legend run their house with the help of. Of course, hiring staff may not be possible for all households, but then we are talking Hollywood mommies here, not ordinary next-door ones. Right?

It Takes A Husband/Partner As Well

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What cannot be handled by the mom, has to be taken over and done well by the dad. This motto in the Teigen-Legend household makes it all come together beautifully. Parenting, as per Chrissy Teigen, works best when you have a loving partner. And this is a thought seconded by many new moms the world around, their partners helping out with the baby is called parenting, and parenting is a responsibility that lays on both shoulders, equally. John Legend gets it.

Social Media Is A Good Vent Out

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Teigen is a fearless Hollywood mom. She shares her good days, her bad days and especially her worst days for everyone to see. She shared her cellulite pics and breastfeeding ones, her kids having a meltdown story and her having postpartum depression ones. And she does this to show new moms that everyone, be they a celebrity mom or a next-door one have good and bad days. And every mother goes through self-doubt as well, the key is to remember to go with the flow.

Chrissy Is Part Of A Pampers Campaign

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Chrissy Teigen also started a mom-positive campaign with the diaper brand Pampers with the hashtag "#sharethelove". The idea behind this was to encourage new moms and spread some joy in their lives. Teigen says nine out of 10 moms doubt themselves and their baby-rearing skills. It shouldn't be so. Moms, especially first-time moms should just enjoy their time with their babies and connect with a positive tribe that can help and guide them without trying to shame them into feeling less than adequate.

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