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The Cast of Modern Family

The Unforeseeable Future Of ABC's 'Modern Family'

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By Aja

Some shows are just meaningless and are meant to end. Every once and a while though, does a sitcom leave audiences in tears. ABC's Modern Family is more than just a comedy-sitcom about a chaotic family. It tells the story of the hardships of parenthood, growing up and relationships. There's a reason why Modern Family beat out competitors for several years straight. The show has heart and that's what people will miss the most. Hopefully, its final 11th season won't be the last of the of the family.

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Creators Talk About Possible Spin-Off

The cast of Modern Family
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With so many Modern Family die-hard fans out there, it's only a matter of time before the show's creators crumble under pressure and make a spin-off. Given the expanding storylines, it shouldn't be hard for Modern Family to cook up a sequel. However, the co-creator Steve Levitan, just keeps giving fans a flat out "No." Our last hope rest on ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke's shoulders now, who has expressed interest in continuing the show. "I would love it. There are some surprises and big milestones coming. They intend to really, really go out big. So, it would be terrific if a spin-off were part of that." Now if only Burke could get Levitan on board with creating a sequel.

Season 11 Isn't Living Up To Expectations And Maybe That's A Good Thing!

The cast of Modern Family
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Modern Family's fate maybe hanging in the balance right now but at least the final season is going well. Or not? Some critics have argued that the final 11th season isn't really adding up to anything. The individual storylines for our favorite characters are relying off past seasons, with the same old antics. While some view it as a negative, perhaps it's actually a good thing. It could be that the show's co-creator doesn't want to wholeheartedly end things either. With so many storylines forming and 13 characters, there's bound to be something to work off.

Ariel Winter Would Agree To Do A Spin-Off . . . At A Later Time

Ariel Winter
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Even Alex Dunphy's storyline can be embellished upon. Her college life and possible romance with hot firefighter Bill could be a possible spin-off. Ariel Winter who plays the character on Modern Family definitely seems open to the possibility of doing a spin-off. "I would definitely be open to it but I would never say 'absolutely not.'" The actress kept repeating the phrase absolutely not throughout the interview which makes it seem like she's not ready for another Modern Family spin-off, at least, not now. Last year, Winter admitted that she really wanted to take on more serious roles and get away from comedy for a while. Hopefully, she won't stay away too long.

Hailey Dunphy Could Even Get A Spin-Off With Her New Family

Sarah Hyland
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Another possible spin-off could involve Sarah Hyland's character Haley Dunphy and Dylan Tucker, along with their twins. Haley Dunphy is expanding the Dunphy family and it'll be interesting to see how the twins change the dynamic of their relationship. However, it seems that Sarah Hyland is interested in starring in other projects. Reports say that the actress is set to star in a series alongside The Big Sick's Emily Gordon, where they discuss their real-life health struggles. While fans want Haley Dunphy to come back, they'd support Sarah Hyland's other acting endeavors.

What's Next For Cam & Mitch?

The cast of Modern Family
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Haley and Alex Dunphy were unforgettable characters on the comedy-sitcom but the beautiful gay couple Cam and Mitch were revolutionary. Not only were they a married gay couple but also a progressive family. Now after carrying for Cameron's sister's baby boy, the couple reconsider welcoming a second child into their lives. In season 11, the two finally get the call of their dreams. They're adopting again! Their storyline could easily play into a spin-off with lots of potential. Currently, there aren't enough shows that feature an LGBTQ comedy-sitcom. Arguably, their show would highlight the ups and downs of a modern gay marriage, and eradicate misconceptions about an LGBTQ family with children.

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