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Drew Barrymore Looks Gorgeous After Dumping Off Some Pounds

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By Rima Pundir

There's no biz like the showbiz, especially if you want to send a body-positive image to the world. And Drew Barrymore has aced it once more. Once again she has remade her body into a 20-something-old by losing 20-something pounds, and we love her for it. Barrymore has never been a reed-thin actress but with age and being a mom, she did pile on a few pounds. However, there's no time like today to try and become healthier...

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Drew Barrymore Thanks Her Trainer, Marnie Alton

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Drew says her weight loss journey could not have been complete without her trainer Marnie Alton, who she calls her longtime teacher and dear friend. She continues to say that her "getting strong journey" could not have been possible without Marnie who has always pushed her even when getting stronger seemed like an insurmountable task. Drew also went on to say, on her Instagram page, that Marnie has been her friend for the last 15 years and a massive positive influence.

Barrymore Did This To Play Sheila Hammond

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Barrymore's fitness journey is almost an annual one now, considering she played a vampire-like character, Sheila Hammond, on the slapstick and satire Netflix show, Santa Clarita Diet. Her character Sheila is a flesh-consuming vampire, and her "diet" is what makes her glow and be her strongest. To play Hammond, Barrymore does an annual spring cleaning of her body, along with Marnie Alton. She loses weight for this role every year and also does grueling workouts to make her body strong as well.

The Show Is Cancelled But Drew Goes On

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In the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, Barrymore begins life as a suburban realtor living in Santa Clarita with her husband, Timothy Olyphant, when she suddenly falls ill. The result of the illness is her becoming the undead and craving flesh. Season One revolved around this storyline about her character attacking and eating hapless humans around, and her family trying to cover up for her as well as adjust to the big change. Sadly, Netflix canceled the show in 2019 after three seasons, though fans are still vying for it.

Barrymore Believes Wellness Comes From Inside

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Barrymore ended her Instagram post by saying that she hoped that people in the wellness world are actually healthy in their hearts and minds. Barrymore said, "it's not all about being terminators. It's about how to find yourself." She credits Marnie as being more than just her fitness coach and calls Marnie her wellness mentor. Drew was all praises for Marnie, saying she really knew the human body and what to do with it for the best results and is an inspiration for all.

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