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Reza Farahan and Mercedes "MJ" Javid

Shahs of Sunset: MJ Javid says Feud with Reza Farahan is ‘Like a Living Nightmare’

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By Brooks Brown

Season 8 is beginning with a bang for the cast of “Shahs of Sunset.”

MJ Javid says her rift with Reza Farahan is ongoing with no end in sight. The drama between the two began when MJ began criticizing her costars, Reza in particular, after she gave birth to her son weeks ahead of schedule.

According to, MJ said Reza blocked her on social media at the time and nobody else from the show reached out to her to see how she was doing. It all escalated from there, with MJ's husband allegedly vandalizing Reza's house, leading to Reza getting a restraining order against him.

Reza Ferahan
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Reza, it appears, believes MJ had something to do with rumors his husband, Adam Neely, had been sending nude photos and playing strip Jenga with other men while he was out of town. He says that's what put a wedge between them.

An insider spoke to Page Six claiming Farahan didn’t visit or reach out to Javid at the time of her son’s birth, but their fight escalated when Farahan began to post screenshots of text messages between him and Javid, claiming that he tried to visit her but she rejected his attempt.

“Reza’s missing out, not the baby,” Javid told us of her baby Shams Francis.

Mercedes Javid and her husband Tommy Feight.
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She also said the “biggest apology that Reza should give” is to her husband, Tommy Feight. Farahan obtained a restraining order against Feight in May after Feight allegedly went to Farahan’s home and vandalized his backyard and threatened him. In the trailer for Season 8 Freight says, “I broke a plant. I wanted to break his legs.”

MJ told E! News, “I think what you’re gonna see from my perspective is someone who’s deeply disappointed, deeply stunned and shocked by the turn of events. I think it’s like a living nightmare.”

Reza Ferahan and Adam Neely
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When it comes future of her relationship with Reza, MJ Javid told E! News, “I don’t know. I always have hope. And my father taught me never to like hold on to negative emotions or anger, resentment and my father was extremely forgiving by nature. So I definitely don’t want to be someone that’s walking around carrying a grudge. And I think that it depends a lot on really, not just me, but Reza and Tommy, if there could be any change.”

Mike Shouhed
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Shahs co-star Mike Shouhed told E! News, "I am beyond shocked at where things are at. I didn't expect it to be this way. Things were said and things were done that I'm still shocked about. I mean, Tommy showing up to Reza's house, Reza going on rants on social media about MJ and MJ spreading rumors about Reza, MJ spreading rumors about Adam, Adam retaliating. It was craziness and kinda breaks my heart that two people who truly love each other, who have grown up together, who were like as thick as thieves are now at odds with one another and borderline hate each other."

The next episode airs on Bravo on Sunday, Feb. 23 at 9/8 Central.

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