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What We Loved About Harry Styles Brit Awards Performance

Gettyimages | NBC
By Stephanie Elmir

Harry Styles was victim to a really chaotic week, reportedly having been robbed at knifepoint in Hampstead, London, then the next morning after Valentine's Day, his ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack had committed suicide.

Nonetheless, Styles carried on with the show, arriving at the Brit Awards to perform and attend for his nominations. His newest album "Fine Line" was nominated for best British album and himself for best solo artist album. The performance was beautiful, a haunting and sad ballad from his fresh installment.

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Song Choice

Giphy | BRIT Awards

Styles chose the song "Falling" from "Fine Line", a powerful ballad about unrequited love with an ex. It seemed rather heavy that night considering Flack's absence. It's lyrically one of Styles's best songs on the album, and one of the saddest, inhibiting melancholy and yearning for a person who's lost interest.

Whether or not the song was about Flack, it is still a touching choice for the night, appropriate for the gloom over Britain's loss of a public figure.


Giphy | BRIT Awards

Styles's outfit for the performance was described as saint-like and pure, wearing a white lacy Gucci jumpsuit. Angelic in his choice, nobody was looking away from the heartbreakingly beautiful recording artist.

Some describe the outfit as the perfect wedding dress. His stylist Harry Lambert promises that his several romantic and colorful outfits at the Brit Awards were only a taste of what's to come during the "Fine, Line" tour. Styles also wore a bright yellow Marc Jacobs suit with a purple necktie after his performance.

Set Design

Gettyimages | Dave J Hogan

The set design was a dark ocean sequence, tranquil and minimalist with a few markings of camp, obviously trying to leave space for the song to get the most attention. The sides of the stage were trailed with seashells, as the piano and floor filled with a pool of water. The pianist and other musicians played behind Styles, water spilling down from the piano.

Styles stood in the pool of water, only the hem of his pants and feet were wet.


Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole

Styles's performance was lovely and sweet, the young talent truly showcasing his raw and honest vocals. As a solo performer, he went for a subdued stance, never moving from his place in the pool of water. Although it wasn't flashy, it was certainly powerful.

The set design did a lot for the performance as well, lighting up the white seashells. This perhaps tips off what the stage design themes will consist of for the upcoming "Fine, Line". Although Styles did not win that night, he won audiences with his performance.

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