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'Making The Band' is Back!

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By Imani Ford

Making The Band was a popular show that premiered on ABC in 2000. After the first season, it was picked up by MTV for the duration of the show. The first 3 seasons of Making The Band, better known as Making The Band 1, had Lou Pearlman put together a group. He is most known for putting groups like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC together. After a nationwide search and weeks of auditioning, the contestants got narrowed down to 5 guys. They became a group called O-Town. Season 2 and 3 followed the group as they recorded an album and went on tour.

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Making The Band 2

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For the rest of the series, Diddy took over as the show leader. He always had the final say and he handpicked everything from the beginning to the end. For Making The Band 2, Diddy wanted to make a group comprised of singers and rappers. After a few weeks of crazy challenges and tasks, he chose his final 6 and they became 'Da Band.' During season 2, fans saw the group deal with Diddy’s antics and this created a lot of memorable moments. They had many fights and breakdowns that could have made the list but the most memorable moment was the cheesecake incident. Diddy made all the group members walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn just to get him a slice of cheesecake.

Making The Band 3

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During these three seasons of the show, Diddy wanted to put together a girl group. In the same format, the first season focused on putting them together. This time after the first season, he wasn’t satisfied with the girls he had so he tried again for season 2. This time he was able to narrow it down to five members. These five members became the popular girl group called Danity Kane. They went on to have 2 hit albums and became the most popular act from the show. Season 3 focused on the group as the rehearsed, toured, and recorded new music. The most memorable moment from Making The Band 3 was when he made the girls run all those miles.

Making The Band 4

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For this fourth iteration, Diddy wanted to make a boy band. Diddy claimed that he wanted to make a new version of the group 112. Season 1 began just like the other seasons. Diddy did a nationwide search to find the best male singers. A few weeks later, he created a 5 male group named Day 26. Another cast member named Donnie didn’t make it into the group but he did receive a solo deal. During season 2, not only did it follow Day 26 and Donnie but it focused on Danity Kane too. Since they were all making albums together, Diddy moved everyone into the same house.

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Of course, this created a romance between some of the members. Dawn and Q became a thing later on after the show. Since a lot was going on, I think two top memorable moments stand out. The first one was during season 1; Diddy had the contestant’s sing-battle each other. Imagine two large groups of guys singing against each other. Another moment that will never be forgotten is when he fired everyone from Danity Kane besides Dawn. This show was iconic and I’m sure the new version of it will be just as good.

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