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The 'Floribama Shore' relationship between Gus and Nilsa: Will It Blossom?

By Angela Sanner

Viewers of the hit television show, "Floribama Shore," have witnessed the troubles and strife between the characters of Gus Smyrnios and Nilsa Prowant. They have this on-and-off relationship that actually hinders their best judgement of each other's wants and needs. Gus wants a "friends with benefits" type of relationship and Nilsa wants a committed relationship. Nilsa has been there to take care of Gus's needs: until this current season when she turned him down after an invite to his love. But Gus hasn't given up.. yet.

Flirting on Nilsa

Gettyimages | Monica Schipper

The flirting has escalated and it's only because Gus is lonely and has broken up with his girlfriend. It seems to be the trend for Gus: when he can't get a woman in his bed, he runs to Nilsa's. Will Nilsa take the bait this time? At the end of episode 15, "All This Over A Flower," Gus has made his move yet again. Viewers are unsure of what is coming next because the episode was cut off to Aimee begging Nilsa not to take Gus's bait.

Misery Loves Company

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But misery loves company and Nilsa loves Gus's company. She has said many times that she would like to pursue a relationship with Gus, but that's not what he's ever wanted with her. He's turned her down many times before and it has crushed Nilsa's heart. She realized that Gus was only using her for sex and he would never change his mind. It seems as though Gus can't truly make up his mind as well. One minute he wants her, the next he tosses her feelings to the side.

In The End

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In the end, it always ends up being Nilsa's feelings that's hurt. They have been roommates for a long time but Gus doesn't seem to know what he wants half of the time. The end of last week's episode really raised some flags though. Fans have been wondering what Nilsa will do or how she will respond to Gus's bed time flirting. His flirting is a distraction to her overall well-being. If she agrees, then he gets his way. If she doesn't, then who will be hurt this time?

New Episode

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Will this new and final episode of the season shed some light on this current issue? Will Gus get what he wants? Will Nilsa turn him down? Gus knows how to flirt with Nilsa and he knows what to say to her in order to get her blood pumping. This "flirty" attitude toward her is quite sudden because their summer is coming to a close. Surely Gus will want to leave the shore house knowing that Nilsa is satisfied with their 'friends with benefits" relationship. But maybe in the end, Gus will be the one to leave hurt.

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