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Kim Kardashian's 'Behind' Is Now Wearable

Gettyimages | Neilson Barnard
By kenadijiba

Just when you believe you’ve heard it all and life can't get any more ridiculous, something in connection with the Kardashians must pop up. It is as if when the world is calm on the news front Kris Jenner is devising some plan to turn the everyones attention back on her controversial family. What will she do when this generation falls out of obsession with them? Probably the dream is to wait until all the grandkids are old enough to begin their own season of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s.

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The Iconic "Behind"

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It has to be one of the oddest creations promoted on behalf of the Kardashian namesake ever. A mold of Kim Kardashian's behind has been made with precise measurements akin to the actual one of Kim’s herself. This mold can be worn to imitate an illusion of having an asset that one naturally does not possess. What is so ironic is the fact that Kim herself allegedly paid for the exact body that she makes money off of. So, the thought that women could be genuinely spending money on something like this to achieve a “look” that was allegedly paid for sounds ludacris.

Is This A Real Business Opportunity?


Now, is this product a legitimate brand that Kim wants to seriously stand by. It would kind of appear comical when her younger sister Kylie is a prized, young business woman in the game of birthing billion dollar empires. Aside from the absurdity, the question that arises every time the Kardashian’s get involved in some type of shenanigans , is when has monetization gone too far? Just because you can make money for doing the most insignificant does that mean you should?

Where Are The Kardashian's Heading?

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As we all get more comfortable with this new decade on the rise, people are confused as to where that leaves the Kardashians. Will they be able to withstand another ten years in the entertainment industry? Do they even have any more scandals to uncover that haven't been hit on? The whole ordeal with Caitlyn Jenner formerly known as Bruce, and Khloe being cheated on by her child's father Tristan Thompson in connection with her sister Kylie’s best friend Jordyn, not to mention Rob Kardashian impregnating Kylie’s ex boyfriend Tyga’s child's mother Blac Chyna, and that's not even a fraction of what's happened in that family.

Everyone's Focused On Themselves

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Surely there is someone on the inside of it all who wants to put an end to this struggle of a trainwreck waiting to happen. What would be wise is if they bowed out gracefully and left on a semi high note. They could all still lead with some layer of influence on “Instagram” and enjoy the millions in their bank accounts for the rest of their lives. To continue at this point in time seems unreasonable especially since they all look to be focused on their own lives.

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