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Billie Eilish Get's Emotional During Award Speech

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By kenadijiba

Billie Eilish since “The Grammy’s” has been hit with an army of criticism from all sectors. The idea that she won in so many important categories that hold great significance for her debut album, had many outraged. Her song turned anthem “Bad Guy” was absolutely enmeshed into the depths of everyone's eardrums because of constant radio play, and unwavering promotion. But, the argument made by unbiased onlookers was that sure it made sense that Billie dominated certain fields of musical influence, but Ariana Grande’s album “Thank U, Next” was a movement.

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Life After Grammy's

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Of Course Billie’s reaction to winning did have thousands empathetic towards her situation. Even if it does come off as “The Grammy’s” just wanting to celebrate their agreed upon favorite, Billies humbleness in recognizing that as a possibility when she went up to accept the award for album of the year drove a force of support her way. After this uncomfortable but also celebratory moment passed, then the Vogue interview was released. She faced criticism for her defense of Drake, and her comments on the lack of perceived “authenticity” in rap music.

The Love Got To Her

Unsplash | Tyler Nix

So, when she won for international female musician at “The Brits” last night, the love clearly got to her. In her acceptance speech, she expressed how not too long ago she felt hated, and so the flow of cheers and smiling all pointed her way made her emotional. She confessed to feeling like crying and then quickly left the stage before tears could make their way down her perfectly painted face. After witnessing Billie’s mental hardships with fame, it now makes sense as to why Justin Bieber in his interview with Zane Lowe said he wanted to protect Eilish.

Bieber's Influence

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Analyzing the trajectory of Bieber’s career in itself is proof enough as to why shining a microscope on anyone so young can be dangerous. The concept of telling someone at 14 years old that they can do no wrong and everything they are attached to turns to gold, can be mentally debilitating in future reference. The psychological damage from the need of constant validation, or the lack of dopamine when it comes to taking part in normal day to day activities has the power to leave a forever dark stain on people's lives.

Her Own Journey

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Naturally, not all humans are the same nor are affected in the exact ways by specific events. What might have triggered Bieber in the past might have no real contention with Billie. Also, the fact that Eilish rose to fame with a partner in crime, Finneas her dependable brother is a plus that Bieber wasn't afforded. His broken family unit probably left an imprint on why he went towards certain paths that weren't in the end too beneficial. Ultimately, the hope for Billie is that she grows at her own pace and does not allow outside opinions to affect the way she sees herself.

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