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We Can't Stop Thinking About Harry Styles' Chic Brit Awards Suit

Gettyimages | Eamonn M. McCormack
By Bailey Banks

If there's one celebrity we can always count on to look amazing, it's Harry Styles. From flowery prints to sheer blouses to bright colors, we can always trust Harry to pull off gorgeous extravagant and androgynous fashions. That's why we were all so excited to see what he would wear to this year's Brit Awards. And the former One Direction singer certainly did not disappoint in a striking ensemble from Marc Jacobs. Read on to find out what fans are saying about his look.

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Gettyimages | Neil Mockford / Ricky Vigil M

At last night's Sony Brit Awards, in London, Harry Styles turned heads in an absolutely eye-catching sunny yellow suit by famed designer Marc Jacobs. The "Sign of the Times" singer paired the bright three-piece ensemble with a silky lilac shirt and sheer violet pussy bow. For his accessories, Harry topped off the look with white, buckled, heeled boots and a set of rings on both hands. The star also showed off some freshly painted nails to match his lilac blouse.

Gettyimages | Theo Wargo

Harry Styles has often been known to bend gender norms, particularly when it comes to fashion. This has led to many fans guessing about his sexuality, but the progressive star doesn't seem to mind what rumors get spread about him. He has often been known to wear jewelry and make-up, and he frequently paints his nails. Last night's Brit Awards were no exception to Harry's androgyny streak, as his beautiful designer suit was originally modeled by a woman when first shown on the runway.

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

In fact, Harry's chic outfit has most famously been worn on the cover of Elle by pop superstar Lady Gaga. Coincidently, Lady Gaga is also quite well known for breaking down the gender binary, and she has performed in male drag on more than one occasion. Both Harry and Lady Gaga are also known for their ostentatious wardrobe choices, so it is fitting that the two stars would share similar tastes in fashion. Who do you think wore it better: Harry or Gaga?

Gettyimages | CBS Photo Archive

Since last night, fans have taken to social media to applaud Harry's latest fashion statement. Everyone has something different to say about the look. For example, one Twitter user, @rainbowscouple, posted a picture of the celebrity with the caption "Harry Styles in a yellow suit made my week." Another Twitter user, @beycarters, simply compared Harry's suit to a similar yellow suit worn by Beyonce with a side-by-side photo comparison. User @KimbryStyles didn't reference the suit directly but wrote, "harry styles ‘ genderless approach to fashion is all im here for ." On the other hand, some have taken a snarkier approach to commenting on Harry's suit. For example, @StrayFMTom wrote, "Nice of Harry Styles to turn up as Willy Wonka. #brits2020."

Whether or not you like Harry's fashion, we can all admit that he's making bold choices, and Harry's efforts to break down the gender divide in fashion set an important example for designers, stylists, and celebrities everywhere.

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