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Harry Style's and Lizzo Were Buzzed At 'The Brit's'

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By kenadijiba

This new powerful friendship between Harry Styles and Lizzo just continues to get better by the minute. Although Styles has faced immense pain in these last few days from his ex girlfriend Caroline Flack’s suicide, to being robbed while walking sprightly, and finally dealing with his persistent stalker it seems as if Harry hasn't been able to catch a break at all recently. Arguably at “The Brits' ' fans found another reason to be on the defense for Harry due to him not snagging one award the entire night, but somehow being used shamelessly for promotion throughout the show. Luckily, his sidekick Lizzo was there to cheer him up.

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The Genesis Of "Hizzo"

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The agreement on how this iconic duo came to be all stems from Harry’s colorful rendition of Lizzo’s hit “Juice” that immediately caught her attention, and like any woman with a “ fangirl” past made her excited. The tweets in response to her love for Harry’s enthusiasm were what any of us would send out if Styles knew we existed which is another reason why people love Lizzo. Her knack for being a “girls” girl is what adds to the relatability of her music, and ironically makes her a star.

Everyone Was A Little "Lit"


As the night progressed on and Styles sadly kept being passed on for countless awards, Directioners were ready to turn off their televisions. Then, thankfully comedic host Jack Whitehall who looked a bit inebriated himself, started causing a stir at the star filled tables. His conversation starter with Lizzo soon turned awkwardly flirty once Styles was introduced into the scenario. Their cute banter with one another from hugging Lizzo leaving an ever present lipstick stain on Harry’s hand, left women envious all around the world.

Shade Was Thrown

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When the commercial break was over Jack decided to turn back over to Harry and move the focus exclusively on his table. The obligatory One Direction jokes, and little roasts at Simon Cowell and his ever changing face had the audience wailing. A snap at Harry’s outfit when Whitehall brought up Styles saying he had used psychedelics whilst making his album, and Whitehall humorously turning that on its head and alledging that Harry’s stylist was probably the one using them was another zinger. Due to Harry's hyper-dramatic choice in clothing, it wouldn't be a huge reach.

"The Brits" Was More Exciting Than "The Grammy's"

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As the conversation went on to nowhere special, Whitehall ended up spilling alcohol all over Harry’s pants which humbled the show even more. At the end of the day what can be said about “The Brits' ' apart from the politics of who has won, and who has lost is that everybody looked to be having one hell of a night. The lack of superiority complexes or a need to be professional was a nice contrast to how “The Grammy’s” or other prestigious award shows are run in the states. Maybe a party vibe is the way to go, take notes producers.

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