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Demi Lovato Say's She Mutes Her 'Beautiful' Friends

Gettyimages | Rich Fury
By kenadijiba

Yesterday Disney’s problematic princess Demi Lovato made an appearance on beloved model Ashley Graham's podcast “Pretty Big Deal”. The discussion was a profound one filled with bumps and skits around Demi’s own personal battles surrounding a plethora of things. A main topic of conversation was body image and how much Demi has struggled through it even while presenting to the public an image of “health” and easeful happiness. There was also a dive into comparison and how Demi unabashedly mutes her friends on ‘Instagram” because of how attractive they are.

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Demi Is In A Calmer Place

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

As Demi sat in one of Ashleys pristine white chairs at her comfortable house to film an epic episode of “Pretty Big Deal”, it was evident just by the effervescent smile on her face that Demi was in a calmer place. With her triumphant return to the world on the “Grammys” stage singing so unapologetically about her past pains in life with connection to her drug overdose that almost ended up taking her life, people were so thankful to see Demi confident in herself once again.

Her Scary Overdose

Giphy | Demi Lovato

Obviously everyone was thrown for a loop when the news broke in 2018 that Demi Lovato had overdosed. With social media in a tailspin of fear over possibly losing such an intrical figure to their adolescence, and the idea that she had been such a huge beacon of hope precisely for taking on her demons so publically, people were praying emphatically for her to pull through. By the grace of God she did and took her much needed time to reconnect and comprehend what led to such a harsh moment in her journey.

Trading One Addiction For Another

Gettyimages | skynesher

Something that Demi willingly started to go into was the idea that when the world believed she was her most health conscious, she was actually trading a past addiction for a new one. That hunger to exercise three plus times a day became her life so much that she would include meetings into her workout schedule. This alone illustrates how deep the obsession had become. After moving on from that, the “art” of photoshop came up. Ashley Graham herself admitted that from the beginnings of creating an “Instagram” she found herself paying that 2.99 for that enticing app, and editing her pictures excessively.

Jealous Of Beautiful Friends

Gettyimages | CoffeeAndMilk

Asheley went on to thank Lovato for being so powerful in choosing to post a picture of herself completely undoctored, which then went on to go viral. Another interesting topic which celebrities don't really touch on in interviews is aspects of jealousy, and mind numbing insecurity. Lovato blunty admitted to muting certain friends of hers because of how outrageously beautiful they are. Of Course it is of no fault of theirs that they won the genetic lottery but Demi let it be known that by them constantly appearing on her timeline she would end up in a pit of criticizing herself, and wondering why she didn't look like them. By cutting off those triggers Demi now is living a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

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