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'I'd Rather Be A B-tch' Says Megan Thee Stallion In First Single of 2020

Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth
By Lacretia Roberts

Megan Thee Stallion has come onto the rap music scene rivaling Cardi B and Nicki Minaj with her own authentic down south flavor. The rising talent released Fever in 2019 which took the summer by storm with multiple hot tracks.

The star coined the term 'hot girl summer,' a trend that swept through night life club culture everywhere.

She also has no fear in showing off what she calls her 'made in the south' curves that are stunning fans everywhere.

Her sultry image does not overshadow her intellect though.

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Megan is also a student, a fact she disclosed to fans on social media in a post since deleted. The rapper got her start from a cypher verse done in a Houston rap battle. The video went viral boosting the star's music.

While she dresses in minimal clothing and boasts a sexual confidence similar to that seen in Cardi B, she still stands strong for women empowerment.

At only 23, the rapper has mastered the balance between handling her degree course work making public appearances, and touring to showcase her music.

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

Hot Girl Summer started trends all across America in 2019 with single "Cash Sh-t" which made the top 40 according to Billboard. Her authentic style and energy have blossomed with fans who love watching her perform. The Star just recently released her latest single "B-tch" in which she declares that she would rather be a b-tch, because she knows that's what she will get labeled when she is "tripping" anyway.

Will this be the segway into the many surprises she has in store on her next album? Fans are eager to see.

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

So why would such an intelligent and educated woman want to be called the b-word? Well according to the lyrics which include: "B-tch you ain't that busy, I don't give a f-ck what you ain't got time for. You look me in my eyes and know you lyin', man that's fraud, bruh"

So is the message loud and clear yet? With lyrics that many women can relate to in the plight dealing with dishonest men who tend to expect women to make them a priority while they them selves are exempt from the same behavior.


She knows what happens when a man's expectations for a girl to do things like, "blow your phone up and come looking for you 'til I find ya" fail.

Why do men thrive from wanting a woman to act out of character and "whoop the hoe that you f-ckin' with if I find her?"

Why waste the time at if a man is going to cheat and envy your success? Megan clearly won't be bothered with the nonsense and this single says it all.

It sounds like she is simply ahead of the game, demanding that she will deal with being called a bitch if it stems from on her changing herself for a man who can treat her they way he expects to be treated.

Standing strong with her empowered message, "Ain't no nigga finna stop me, independent, I got me," she just might be charting the top 40 again soon if fans continue to respond well to the hot new single.

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