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Is Colin Jost Leaving 'Saturday Night Live?'

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By Bailey Banks

Saturday Night Live is one of the most well-known television programs currently airing. With 67 Emmy awards and 260 nominations, it is certainly one of the nation's most beloved comedy series. But viewers better not get too attached to the cast, as it is always changing and evolving. Although, the sketch series has been running for 45 seasons, cast members rarely stick around for very long. According to Popsugar, Kenan Thompson, now on his 17th season, is the longest-reigning cast member by a long shot. Still, it is always a surprise when an important cast member decides to leave the series. That's why fans were shocked to hear that Colin Jost might be exiting SNL.

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Colin Jost is best known to fans of Saturday Night Live for being one of the hosts of the NBC show's 'Weekend Update' segment. Alongside Michael Che, Jost is also currently one of the head writers on the series. According to the comedian's bio he has been writing for Saturday Night Live since 2005. That means he has been writing for the series for 15 years, almost as long as Kenan Thompson has been acting on the show. Thus, it's safe to say that Colin Jost has been a well-established voice on the series for quite some time, and he's definitely made a name for himself.

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During his long run at Saturday Night Live, Colin Jost has been able to make a name for himself in the comedy world, a notoriously competitive industry. In 2018, he even hosted the Emmys with fellow SNL writer Michael Che. But SNL has not only brought Jost economic and professional success, but it has also been romantically advantageous for the star. In 2017, Jost met Scarlett Johansson on set while she was the celebrity guest on his show. The two started dating, and two years later, they were engaged!

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Despite the success that Jost has found on Saturday Night Live for the last decade and a half, a [recent rumor](However, according to ) has predicted that his time on the beloved series might finally be up. This rumor started due to a line in Jost's upcoming memoir, A Very Punchable Face. Apparently, in preliminary copies of Jost's book, the Staten Island native revealed that he is "preparing mentally" to leave Saturday Night Live. According to those who leaked this information, Jost, who is known to take great joy in political comedy, wants to remain on the show until the 2020 election is over. That means that Jost would likely not quit SNL until the end of the next season. Still, there is no confirmation regarding these rumors, and it is very possible that Jost could change his mind about leaving SNL.

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Jost leaving SNL is sure to get a mixed reaction. While the comedian certainly has his fans, there are also a fair number of people who are highly critical of him and Che. In fact, an article on UPROXX suggests that Colin Jost might be the most hated SNL cast member of all time. What do you think about the possibility of Jost leaving SNL?

Jost's book A Very Punchable Face will be released on April 14 via Penguin Random House's Crown imprint.

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