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Grimes Releases 'Miss Anthropocene,' A Genre-Bending Concept Album Focused on Climate Change

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By Jennifer R Donnelly

Claire Boucher, known to most under her stage moniker, "Grimes", has unleashed a new experimental, synth-pop album, entitled "Miss Anthropocene". The new release is described by Boucher as a concept-album, focusing exclusively on climate change. Instead of viewing climate change as an intangible string of natural events, Grimes has chosen to personify the destructive force into an terrifying goddess of sorts, hence the name "Miss Anthropocene". Seemingly channeling her subject matter directly from the collective consciousness, Boucher's album drops at a time where many are acutely aware of the potential consequences of this destructive shift.

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With climate change looming like a dark cloud on the horizon, Boucher seems to teeter between the chaos of watching the world burn, and the humanity and grief inherent in it's destruction. During a time where many are attempting to lessen their carbon footprint, it appears the album will resonate with a wide range of listeners. Although the album is primarily dedicated to the concept of climate change, there is also a track lamenting the tragedy of the opioid crisis, entitled "Delete Forever", which Boucher says is a tribute to the late rapper Lil' Peep.

Grimes new album creates an auditory landscape for climate change
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The majority of Boucher's new album works to create an auditory landscape, painting images of destruction and utopia alike. Alternating between heavy, earthy synths, and "Grimes" signature airy vocals, the album is complete in it's expression of both optimism and impending doom. The album opens with the primal, nu-metal-esque song entitled, "So Heavy I Could Fall Through the Earth", a six minute long ethereal track that sails listeners into the otherworldly essence of "Miss Anthropocene". As the album progresses, a steadily increasing atmosphere of anticipation and dread is unveiled, reaching a crescendo on tracks like "4AEM", and "Ride of the Valkyries".

New Grimes album, "Miss Anthropocene" channels climate change
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Throughout the album, it seems as though Boucher is experimenting with a state of poignant and at times, fiery, duality. She encompasses the sentiments of a dying and despondent earth, while also giving a voice to the impeding demoness of climate change. When asked about the new climate change album "Grimes" told the "Wall Street Journal" last year: "I want to make a reason to look at it. I want to make it beautiful". With the release gaining so much press and publicity, its clear that Boucher succeeded in her goal of forcing us to contemplate this incredible shift.

Does "Miss Anthropocene" depict the destruction of our earth, or a brighter future on the horizon?
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Towards the end of "Miss Anthropocene", "Grimes" begins to embrace delectable visions of fantasy and utopia, delivering lyrics like: "We could play a beautiful game/ you could chase me down/ in the name of love!". Though the album takes listeners on a journey riddled with chaos, occasional despair, and the fiery elements of the doom goddess, Anthropocene, things end on a decidedly lighter note. Perhaps this change in tune speaks to Bouchers increasing optimism about the state of the earth, or perhaps it serves as a stark reminder of what could be if change was enacted.

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