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Harvey Weinstein led out of court to prison after a day in court.

Who Was Harvey Weinstein Married To When He the Faced Lawsuits?

Gettyimages | Scott Heins
By Favour

Harvey Weinstein has been the subject of ridicule on various platforms around the world since he was accused of sexual assault and rape by several women in and out of the industry. The former film producer faced the wrath of several people on and off social media, even his colleagues detested him for the accusations that were laid against him by several women. Initially, the 67-year-old could deny the allegations, but as soon as over 80 women alleged that he had either sexually assaulted or raped them, things went out of hand.

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Harvey Weinstein in the company of reporters strolls through a corridor, leaning on a walking chair for support.
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The charges began in 2017, and at that time, Weinstein, the former co-founder of Miramar production, was married to Georgina Chapman. For many moths, fans wanted to know where Chapman stood and if she was in any way going to defend her husband’s honor against the many women who had come out to accuse him. It took a while before she finally spoke, but when she did, some fans were pleased with her decision. According to Georgina, she he decided to divorce Weinstein while he is still in lock up.

Harvey Weinstein is pictured with two men by his side holding him tightly, and a police man behind him outside a law court.
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For many months now, Weinstein has yet to be convicted of the charges he was accused of, but people are keeping their fingers crossed in this one. The issue on ground now, is that no one knows if Chapman really went ahead with her decision to divorce Weinstein and this is raising suspicions on social media platforms.

When the reports on Weinstein first began, Chapman’s name was mentioned in the media many times. At a point, you could barely see discussions about Weinstein that did not include Chapman’s name.

Harvey Weinstein & Georgina Chapman look incredible in dinner outfits at an event as they cozy up to one another to take pictures.
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Initially, fans wanted to know if Chapman knew anything about her husband’s activities with different women. Many people also wanted to know if Weinstein helped to influence her label which had experienced success in the past years. While these questions were asked by people online, Chapman still decided to keep a low-profile through the storm. She decline any form of exclusive interviews for reasons best known to her. After being quiet for a while, fans were again erupted when she announced to the world that she was getting a divorce from Weinstein

A photo of Harvey Weinstein behind a glass dream staring into space.
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Now, the question of the day; is Harvey Weinstein & Georgina Chapman still a couple?

After keeping a low profile in the months following her husband’s accusations, Chapman finally gave a statement. She explained why she decided to be quiet as she thought that coming out to speak and advertise her brand would be deemed disrespectful.

She also went on to say that she had no knowledge of what Weinstein was doing while they were married. Her divorce from the former film producer was finalized in late 2017 and according to reports, Chapman received a settlement of over eight-figures.

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