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Drew Barrymore Finds Friendship Along With A New Body

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By Lauren Capps

Drew Barrymore is one of Hollywood's greatest stars. Well-respected, highly known and a wonderful mother. Just because she is an actress doesn't mean she isn't human, and although a tricky subject, weight gain is possible for everyone. But as Drew continued with life, the topic of health was and is a major concern. To be ready for her role in Netflix's hit show Santa Clarita Diet, Drew got to work in the gym and came out with more than she bargained for.

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Losing weight and finding that well-toned body you always dream of can be one of the hardest things to accomplish. And Barrymore was up for the challenge as she posted on social media throughout her journey with various clips and videos showing her struggles. On one of her Instagram posts, she shares her up close and personal clips of her hard and sweaty workouts, such as planks, yoga, and more. Her viral and thought-provoking messages help give others motivation while at the same time bringing light to body issues.

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In her weight loss journey, Drew not only found a healthier body, but a healthier mindset as well. According to one of her Instagram posts, sporting a sweaty after-workout look, Drew wanted to share what just occurred to her while participating in yoga. "Being quiet and still can bring some of the most powerful things to our bodies," she says in her revelation of how yoga can contribute to your well-being. Finding a gem such as that has contributed to her success for good health.

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But the most important thing she found, was friendship. The major constant that kept Drew going was her trainer and long time friend Marnie Alton. "Marnie is the one who got me there," Drew explains as to how she achieved her 20-pound weight loss. "She is humorous and so so so knowledgeable about our bodies. I love her. Inside and out." The actress and trainer have been friends for 15 years, which surely has to be the main motivation to keep Drew on track for her goals.

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In the end, Drew Barrymore achieved her weight loss goals and that healthy body everyone strives for. At the same time, she kept her fans in the loop and provided motivation for those who are still on their journeys. But she came out with more than just a flourishing and healthy body. She found friendship. She found new ways for mindful wholeness. She found guidance and smart ways to overcome what seemed to be the impossible. And most importantly, Drew found herself.

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