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Oldest Dugger sisters pose for photo

Fans Eager For Jinger Duggar To Keep Up A Certain Family Tradition

Gettyimages | D Dipasupil
By Tia Kitchens

Jinger Duggar has been seen breaking the mold with her family on occasion after all. She has been seen wearing pants, she's the furthers from her family, and she overall seems so happy to be where she is with her husband. Her life has gone from a super-fast courtship to a slow-going marriage where the couple takes time for one another. It is a very different life than her sisters have going on for sure

So what are fans wanting?

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Jinger and her husband
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Jinger and her husband Jeremy moved out of California last year to settle into a new life on the west coast. They, of course, have their little girl, Felicity, and everyone is excited to see the little girl grow up. Felicity is nearly two years old and the light of the couple's life. How could she not be? Have you seen the cute Instagram pictures her mother posts?

Well, normally by now the Dugger family would have two maybe three children running around. Not Jinger. She just has Felicity.

Jinger and her Husband
Gettyimages | Michael Kovac

In a recent Instgram post of the little girl, fans have started to ask some really rude questions. This isn't the first time she's posted her little one on Instagram but after three years of marriage there are some questions coming on. The biggest one being when are they thinking of having another child?

One user commented this, "[Jinger] she is absolutely adorable. When are you going to blessed with another?" Which is a fairly innocent question considering anything that could be asked. But it really does impose the idea that all the Dugger girls are meant to do is give birth.

Jinger and her sisters
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Of course, some fans saw that comment as rude and gave some backlash to that comment. It would seem that Jinger and Jeremy are really just focusing on themselves and their little girl. The couple has been seen with her at all different spots around Los Angeles.

They do not seem to be in a rush to have another child at all. Some speculate that the couple is using birth control. However, it could just be that Jermey is so busy with graduate school the couple barely has time for each other before being too tired.

Jinger with her family
Gettyimages | D Dipasupil

No matter the cause of why the couple doesn't have more than one child, the fans need to calm down. Let them have their time to not only adjust to a new place in the world but also have fun there too. Fans need to understand that maybe one child is the only child they want. Nothing wrong with that.

Besides this just means we get more cute pictures of Felcity and her equally amazing mother! Look on the bright side here. We get to see this little girl grow up and the best thing we can do is share our love and support. No rude questions!

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