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Hayden Panettiere In 'Grave Danger' Following Arrest of Boyfriend for Domestic Violence Says Friend

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By Zachary Holt

Hayden Panettiere's Valentine's Day didn't go quite as planned. While she and her boyfriend, Brian Hickerson, planned for a romantic evening with a personal chef to cook them a delicious meal, the evening turned deadly.

According to reports, the couple began arguing through the night, culminating in Hickerson punching Panettiere in the face. Police that arrived on the scene shared that Hickerson appeared highly intoxicated and avoided answering any questions, including identifying himself. He was subsequently taken to jail for suspicion of domestic battery and police interference. The danger may not be over for Panettiere, though.

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Brian Hickerson Assaults Panettiere, Arrested for Suspicion of Domestic Battery

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Even with Hickerson being arrested and taken to jail following the traumatic night, there's a bigger issue at hand. Most importantly, this was not Hickerson's first assault on Panettiere. He had been charged with felony domestic battery, previously, but the charges were dropped after Panettiere failed to testify against him in court.

For whatever reason, she gave Hickerson another chance, with the same result. But according to close friends of Panettiere, they are fearing for her safety because they don't believe she'll leave him, despite being assaulted twice by Hickerson.

Hayden's Close Friends Are Worried for Her Life, Fear a Tragic Outcome

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Speaking exclusively to Us Weekly, a close friend of Panettiere shared their concerns about the situation and what could potentially happen should she decide to stay in a relationship with him. "Hayden is in danger with Brian," the source revealed to the outlet. "Add impairment issues from drinking too much and it will have a tragic outcome if she continues the relationship.

The source would go on to say that, "[Hayden] believed Brian would never hit her again,” which is why she didn’t "materialize as a witness against him in the Los Angeles case." The source was referring to the first incident where Panettiere refused to testify against her boyfriend.

Sources Don't Believe Panettiere Will Leave Hickerson, Despite Assaults

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Only hours after Hickerson's arrest was made for suspicion of domestic battery, Us Weekly spoke to another source who shared not only was he physically abusive towards Panettiere, but he was also '[isolating] Hayden from friends and family', something that was very concerning.

The source went on to say that there's not much they can do or feel sorry about with Panettiere continually putting herself in danger's way. "Don’t blame the victim. She sadly fell in love with a man that hits women. He is violent but can also be incredibly charming," they said. "It’s unlikely this will be enough for Hayden to break it off, permanently."

Panettiere Has Isolated Herself in Wyoming, Away From Friends and Family

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At the time of this writing, it's unknown whether Hickerson has been able to post bail or if he is even allowed to do so. But given that the incident occurred in Wyoming, Hayden is far away from other friends and family that can be there to help and support her.

We're hoping that she can find it in herself to get out of the toxic relationship before another assault occurs, or even something worse. This story is sure to develop over the next several weeks.

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