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Reasons Why Zion Williamson Is The NBA Rookie Of The Year

Gettyimages | Carmen Mandato
By Kirstin Chock

Zion Williamson, the 1st overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, has lived up to all of the hype. With an astounding freshman year at Duke, he rightfully was easily the first overall pick for the NBA Draft.

Despite missing games this year due to injury, he has proven that he is the most valuable rookie in the NBA. These are some of the reasons why Zion Williamson should be the NBA Rookie Of The Year, because he's definitely earned it.

Williamson Is Averaging More Points

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Zion Williamson and Ja Morant, the 1st and 2nd overall picks in the 2019 NBA Draft have both had incredible seasons. Even though Ja Morant currently sits as the favorite for the ROY award, it's arguably due to Morant not missing a portion of the season due to injury like Zion has, as Zion is currently sitting ranked at #2 in the ROY race.

Nonetheless, Williamson is averaging more points. According to the ESPN stats comparison, Zion is averaging 22.1 points per game compared to Morant's 17.6 points per game. Morant also averages more minutes.

Making More Shots (FG%)

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Field goal percentage is a vital stat, and Zion is leading the way with a field goal percentage of 57.6%. This means that Zion is making 57.6% of all shots he attempts, which is a great stat. Morant is shooting at 49.3% which is still very impressive. A high percentage is expected for a smaller point guard like Morant, and not as much so for a big man like Zion, which is what gives Zion a slight edge over Morant.

Impressive Moves For His Size

Gettyimages | Jonathan Bachman

What distinguishes Zion so much is that we haven't seen a player as big as he is move the way that he moves. He has incredible explosiveness, and in fact is one of the most explosive players in the NBA, even though he the 2nd heaviest player currently playing in the NBA. Weighing in at an astounding 285 lbs, we have arguably never seen an athlete so big, be that explosive, strong, and athletic.

He Can Do It All

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Zion can shoot the three, rebound, block shots, hit free throws, and bullies everyone near the rim and in the box. In fact, hes putting up numbers similar to the King. Zion has a 3PT% of 36.4%, which is actually higher than Lebron James 3PT% this year, at 34.5%. Lebron has a FT% of 68.7% and Zion has a FT% of 65.4%. They both have the same stat for blocks per game. To be at any form of a comparison to Lebron is something special. And Zion is arguably the next best thing since the King.

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