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Harry Styles

5 Times Harry Styles Dressed Like A Movie Character

Gettyimages | Karwai Tang
By Jalyn Reed

Harry Styles's red carpet look at the 2020 BRIT Awards was a little on the mild side of his wardrobe history, but it still didn't distract from the fact that it was a subtle homage to Willy Wonka, the beloved candy emperor himself. With the loose-fitting brown suit (Gucci), purple knit sweater, Mary Janes on the collar, and pearls instead of a bow tie, Styles gave us his own rendition of the beloved Chocolate Factory king. All he was missing was a cane made of licorice.

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Harry Styles Performance
Gettyimages | PYMCA

Well, it was only a matter of time before Harry's side of the wardrobe met in the middle with Derek Zoolander's on the Venn diagram of fashion. Derek Zoolander's shiny silver suit is a fashion classic. Zoolander, played by Ben Stiller, is a fashion icon, so it's no wonder that Styles, another icon, would show some likeness to him with his own version of the shiny suit staple. Styles' rendition of the suit is a glittering Gucci two-piece suit, which he wore during a performance in Copenhagen in 2018.

Harry Styles
Gettyimages | Neil Mockford / Ricky Vigil M

Now, this isn't the first time that Harry Styles has been compared to international super-spy Austin Powers, but it is certainly the most apparent this time around. Styles decided to embody the definition of groovy in this canary yellow three-piece suit from Marc Jacobs as his third look at the 2020 BRIT Awards. The fringed lavender silk shirt finishes up the outfit, looking like a pussy bow tie from the '60s. With an outfit like this, that must have been one groovy afterparty, baby.

Harry Styles Performance
Gettyimages | Isabel Infantes - PA Images

As Harry Styles performed in a chest-baring denim style jumpsuit during the Jingle Bell Ball in 2019, there could only have been one thing in the minds of those who were watching that night: the closing scene from Mamma Mia. How could you not? Harry Styles channeled his inner Sam Carmichael (Pierce Brosnan), Bill Anderson (Stellan Skarsgard), and Harry Bright (Colin Firth) to come up with an outfit so nostalgic and fresh that it looks like new, making ABBA the proudest parents ever.

Harry Styles
Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

Imagine you and a friend are watching Peter Pan together and a scene comes on that has the scallywag Captain Hook in it. Your friend turns to look at you and says "I'm going to dress like that." Well, that seems to be exactly what happened with Harry Styles. Dressed head to toe in this diamond-patterned Gucci suit with a pussy bow tie and black boots, Styles gives us a look that only a pirate would normally be able to pull off. Eat your heart out, Captain Hook.

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