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Dwyane Wade Tells Andy Cohen That He and Wife, Gabrielle Union, Role Play to 'Keep Things Fresh'

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By Zachary Holt

Keeping the sparks going in a relationship is no easy task, especially as the years go by. But every couple is different in finding ways to rekindle the romance and attraction for one another.

The former Miami Heat and NBA all-star, Dwyane Wade, and his wife, Gabrielle Union have their own method, according to what Wade shared on Andy Cohen's show, What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The former basketball player described how the two keep the passion going to prevent complacency.

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Dwyane Wade Shares with Andy Cohen That He Role-Plays with Union

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Dwyane Wade was asked by Cohen how he and his wife, Gabrielle, keep the spark going in their marriage, to which Wade provided a very candid and blunt response.

"We keep it fresh. We try to keep it exciting because you get into a routine sometimes and you be like, ‘Tomorrow'," the 37-year old former basketball star shared. "And then tomorrow goes to two months when you ain’t getting no action, we got to do role- play." But for Wade and Union, they don't keep role-playing constrained to only the bedroom.

Wade and Union Aren't Afraid to Role-Play Out in the Public Eye

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Wade also mentioned in his response to Cohen that he and Union will even role-play out in public. It doesn't matter to the couple.

"We go out at night. We be strangers and I get into character," he continued in his response. "We gotta do role-play. Sometimes I’ll be like, ‘Yo, go ahead, take your clothes off and walk down the street.’ Let’s take it back to Rodeo Drive, baby."

And while Wade and Union's marriage seems to be great at the moment, their relationship wasn't always as perfect as it is now.

Wade Conceived a Child with Another Woman During a Brief Split

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In an ESPN documentary that is soon to be released titled 'D. Wade: Life Unexpected', Wade shares some of the hardest moments of his life, but probably no more notable than the time he had to share with Union that during a brief split, he had conceived a child with another woman.

Wade and Union had split after three years due to the scheduling conflicts and the physical distance between them. For Wade, he was traveling around North America while he was still in the NBA. Union was also staying busy, working on television shows and films. Their busy schedules just didn't allow for quality time together.

Wade Tells Union: 'Hardest Ting I've Ever Had to Do Is Man Up and Tell Gabrielle'

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When Wade and Union rekindled their romance, Wade felt it was necessary to tell Union, despite how much it was going to hurt her, as well as, put him in a bad light. In the documentary, the former Miami Heat player describes the incident as one of the hardest things he's ever had to do.

"Hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is man up and tell Gabrielle Union that I’ve had a child with somebody else," he says in the documentary. "I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t eating. … When you hold something in that you know is going to come out and you have this information and you know it’s gonna f–k somebody’s life up, that you care about, that you love, if it don’t hurt you, then you’re not human."

That's all in the past, though. Gabrielle forgave him and they've moved on. The couple is obviously doing a great job at showing love toward each other, that's for sure.

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