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Vinny Guadagnino: How Far Does A Flirt Go?

Gettyimages | Dave Kotinsky
By Angela Sanner

As part of the "Jersey Shore" cast on MTV, Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick have surely seen their ups and downs on the show. Watching the infamous fights between Vinny and Angelina, doesn't leave fans surprised by their outbursts and harsh words. They seem to disapprove of each other but yet, they may have this "love and hate" relationship that tends to overpower the outcome of the show. Their fights might leave fans wondering, "Do they really hate each other that much?"

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Vinny's Comments

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You wouldn't think so after Vinny's comments on Angelina's Instagram posts. It kind of raises eyebrows and questions Vinny's true intent with his relationship with Angelina. It makes you wonder if "Jersey Shore" will feel different in the future because of Vinny's reactions to her photos. His reaction has created a response from Angelina's husband who claims that Vinny is "Thirsty" and a downright "Creeper" for his continuous comments. Hey, who knows? Maybe Vinny is trying to salvage his friendship with his co-star by finally being nice to her.

Vinny's Intent

Gettyimages | Kevin Kane

Surely, Vinny Gaudagnino's intent was to make Angelina feel like she belongs to the group. In reality, she wasn't part of the group for many years and several cast mates have emphasized their dislike toward her. It seems as though Vinny is trying to turn over a new leaf. Maybe he is sick of fighting with her. Maybe he wants to get along for the sake of the show. Is Angelina's husband correct? Could Vinny really be thirsty for his arch nemesis?

A Thirsty Creeper

Gettyimages | Denise Truscello

Angelina's husband and Vinny have clearly not gotten along throughout the filming of the show. Vinny and Angelina have a sexual past with each other and unfortunately, this has brought negativity to not only the show, but the cast mates as well. There are tension and hostility that shows all over Angelina's husband's face every time he looks at Vinny. Angelina has to worry about "being good" when it comes to being around other men, including Vinny. His comment may seem "Thirsty" to some, but not to others.

Flirting Moving Ahead

Gettyimages | Nancy Rivera/Bauer-Griffin

The Instagram comments will most likely blow over, but it does raise questions in the back of people's minds. Will Vinny's flirty response actually catch the attention of Angelina and will there finally be a truce? Will Angelina take in this "creepy" post as if Vinny is thirsty? Will she take it as simple compliments? Her husband replies to this with a "grain of salt" but seems to either feel threatened or relaxed by Vinny's "creepy" ways. Only time will tell.

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