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Supernatural Is Finally Ending: Stars Jared, Jensen and Misha Say Goodbye

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By Lacretia Roberts

It started out as a show about the supernatural forces in the world wrapped up in a tale of family, love and revenge. What it became was an intricate discovery into the challenging questions many people ask, where is God and how can he allow the world to exist in such a state of chaos? Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles play brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, the main characters in the Supernatural series who were only children when their mother was brutally murdered by a demon with yellow eyes. Their father torn by the loss and forever scarred by the knowledge of the supernatural, dedicated his life to hunting the demon down, among other monsters and villians, inevitably raising both Sam and Dean to do the same.

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Supernatural a show now on air for nearly 15 years, has fascinated fans with tributes to live action role play, Scooby Doo and even The Wizard of Oz.

Brothers, Sam and Dean have killed every possible type of creature, from djinn, rugarus, shape shifters and wraiths to leviathan, rogue arch angels and even vampires; no stone has been left unturned. The duo has also acquired many friends and foes but none so charming as the demon Crowley, played by Mark Sheppard who throughout the series has had a love, hate relationship with the Winchesters.

We can also never forget Bobby Singer, a character aptly named after the show's executive producer and long standing father figure to the Winchesters.

With each passing season stronger and stronger enemies have come to play and the brothers have struggled to catch a break from constant curve balls and even beyond death experiences.


Although we have seen Sam and Dean face off against impossible odds and even worse fates, their familial strength and determination have always made them the most exciting protagonists a fan could hope to witness.

The brothers have experienced, hell, purgatory and even battled alongside angels. Co star Misha Collins became an almost instant hit with Supernatural fans as his character development progressed him from being a powerful angelic, robotic servant of heaven to a being capable of emotion and filled with questions.

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Supernatural has seemed like a show with endless possibilities that could stretch beyond just 15 seasons but after all these years perhaps the actors might be interested in doing something new. In the season 14 finale, the show faced what could be viewed as quite the game changer, as the Winchesters go up against God himself. God killed Jack, the angel human hybrid many fans came to love and understand, before he lost his soul. As the seasoned entity, creator and writer, God wanted to watch the Winchesters make up a good plot for his amusement.

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So it is only fitting that after all the Winchesters have experienced season 15 will close out with a bang. Actors Misha, Jared and Jensen have taken to social media to express their many thanks and gratitude to the cast, producers, network and fans for the adventure thus far.

While Jared Padalecki has his next project cut out for him with his work on on Walker Texas Ranger, he too will miss it all. He and Jensen Ackles had a live appearance at Comicon 2019 where they said their final goodbyes to the world. So long Sam and Dean, carry on wayward sons.

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