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Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson's New Book and Why Ashlee is Proud of Her for Writing It

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By Jennifer Vaughn

Jessica Simpson's new memoir, titled 'Open Book' was released earlier this month. In just a few weeks' time, Jessica has become a #1 best selling author. Not only is she ecstatic about it, but so is her sister, Ashlee.

On Instagram, Ashlee posted a picture of her sister with the caption 'I'm so very proud of my beautiful, brave, kind, loving sister!!! It's beautiful to see you sharing your truth with the world.' It is great that Ashlee supports Jessica's efforts and success with this book.

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Jessica Simpson
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On the Instagram post, Ashlee went on to say, 'You are so inspiring. I love you so much. You are a #1 best selling author.'

Jessica is currently traveling the country on a book tour for 'Open Book' since its release on February 2. In the book, she talks about her marriage to Nick Lachey and parenting. She also shares details of her struggles with alcohol abuse. She is showing her true self to the world, including her flaws, struggles, and pain, and this is a very brave thing to do.

Jessica Simpson
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In a January 22, 2020 article on People's website, it states that 5 years ago, Jessica had the opportunity to write a motivational book. She turned down the offer because she 'didn't feel comfortable talking about herself in a way that wasn't honest.'

In a world where seemingly everything can be edited or fictionalized, it is nice to have a celebrity that wants to be real and honest with their fans.

In the book, Jessica also revealed that she was abused as a young girl, which contributed to her substance abuse later on in life.

Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson
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Being truly transparent and real with people takes a kind of bravery that not everyone has. We can all admire Jessica for having this bravery.

Jessica got sober in 2017, and she said that giving up the alcohol was 'easy.' In the book, she goes on to say, 'I was mad at that bottle. At how it allowed me to stay complacent and numb.'

She also said that she was 'killing herself with all the drinking and pills.' She admits that she buried all of her 'pain and trauma' and that only a few people knew about it.

Jessica Simpson
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In the book, Jessica speaks about the fact that when she finally did ask for help with her addiction, 'it was like I was that little girl that found her calling again in life, she says. I found direction and that was to walk straight ahead with no fear.'

It is totally clear why Ashlee is proud of her sister. Jessica has overcome so much and has entrusted her fans with the details of her struggles.

In regards to honesty in life, Jessica says the following in the book:

'Honesty is hard but it’s the most rewarding thing we have, she says. And getting to the other side of fear is beautiful.'

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