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Yovanna Ventura at special event

Maxim Mexico's Cover Girl Yovanna Ventura Isn't Just A Model, She's A Humanitarian!

Gettyimages | Brian Ach
By Aja

Being the rumored ex-girlfriend of a famous celeb like Justin Bieber is a hard label to shake off. However, Latin model Yovanna Ventura didn't need the Biebs to help launch her modeling career. Her persistence and handwork is what got her into the industry. Not only does she have great worth ethic, but she's an activist and influencer. There's clearly more to the model than meets the eye. If Yovanna Ventura keeps up her dedication to her work and the planet, she'll go far in her career.

What Ventura's Life Was Like Growing Up

Yovanna Ventura posing
Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

Even with such dedication and drive, there were times Yovanna Ventura struggled to achieve her dream. "I was shy growing up," the model admitted once during an interview. Luckily Ventura's mother encouraged her to get involved in artistic outlets like ballet and attend modeling school. Now Yo, as she refers to herself on social media, is a viral sensation on Instagram, a fitness model, posed for the cover of Lucy's Fashion Magazine and is now a Cover Girl. The Latin model broke out of her shell and blossomed into a hustler.

She Is An Environmentalist

A photo of the beach and ocean
Unsplash | Michael Olsen

Not only is the 24 year-old a hustler but she also cares about the environment. Before all the fame, Ventura was an environmentalist. She currently does volunteer work to help save the earth, partaking in beach cleanups throughout Miami. The model even recalled a time she had her fans do a 'meet & greet' while doing an ocean cleanup. "That way we can all meet and do something for our community." Clearly the fans have a lot of respect for Yovanna Ventura and support her activism.

Ventura Loves Animals All Day

Yovanna Ventura at special event
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

In addition to Yovanna Ventura caring for the planet, the Latin model also loves animals. On her Instagram account, she post several photos and videos of her with rescue dogs, exotic birds and lion cubs. Currently, she owns three dogs of her own, which makes for a big household. Ventura also works closely with the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation to protect large cats, and is involved with various animal adoption centers throughout Miami, including Urgent Dogs of Miami.The model is a surprisingly well-rounded person, with a big heart and even bigger love for all the animals. It's no wonder this girl has 5 million followers!

Her Work Ethic Shows In Her Workout Routine

Yovanna Ventura at special event
Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth

Yovanna Ventura maybe one of the most famous models right now, but she still has a long way to go to reach mega fame status. The Latin beauty works hard for anything she wants. Whatever she puts her mind to, that's what she'll get. Ventura's workout routine shows the model's relentless dedication to her career. She doesn't workout just to look good on photoshoots though. "I excerise daily, even on days when I don't want to . . . It also helps with my anxiety and stress," the model said once during an interview. Ventura also places a value on her mental health as well. In a business as demanding as modeling, Ventura makes sure she is at her best everytime.

Where Her Career Has Taken Her

Yovanna Ventura at Maybelline event
Gettyimages | Craig Barritt

Ventura has proven that she doesn't need some rich guy to promote her career. In fact, the model has worked so hard that she launched her very own sustainable swimsuit collection called Earth + Fire Collection in collab with I Shine 365 last year. Her collection also came with a fashion show and a soiree in Maimi. Yo's inspiration behind the Earth + Fire Collection was the beauty of nature. "Vibrant colors, exotic prints and textures make up the Fire collection while Earthy hues and subtle prints balance out and cool down the heat,' Ventura stated in an interview. By being an environmentalist, it's no surprise that Ventura launched a swimsuit collection with nature in mind.

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