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Scott Swift and Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift's Father Physically Fights Off Home Invader at Florida Penthouse

Gettyimages | Ethan Miller
By Alyssa McCraw

Taylor Swift's father is a hero for more than one reason. One could literally say that he is 'The Man.'

Scott Swift, who will turn 68 on March 5th, bravely defended himself against a burglar who successfully entered his Florida penthouse. The home, which is located in the coastal town of St. Petersberg, is worth an estimated $4 million. Somewhat ironically - given the circumstances - his living space is located on the 13th floor, which is famously known as his daughter's favorite number. The unfortunate crime happened on the evening on January 17th, but the trespasser was not caught by law enforcement until just a few days ago.

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Taylor Swift and Scott Swift.
Gettyimages | Rick Diamond

The invader, later found out to be 30-year-old Terrence Hoover, was somehow able to get through a "fully gated and guarded entrance" somewhere on the property and then made his way up an emergency stairwell. Sorry, we're tired just thinking about climbing 13 flights of stairs, so we're not sure how this dude did it.

Security camera footage had revealed that the assailant entered the penthouse right before the clock struck 10pm local time, with Mr. Swift following just minutes after.

Scott Swift and Taylor Swift.
Gettyimages | Rick Diamond

Footage also shows that Scott Swift confronted the stranger and even got into a "struggle" before the criminal ran away. This account was given by the area's local newspaper, the Tampa Bay Times, and was solely based off a police report.

However, it's said the Hoover himself was the first one to call the cops about the matter, referring to Mr. Swift as "a man living at Vinoy [Place Towers]." Police later identified that this was not Hoover's first encounter with the law, even that night!

Scott Swift, Taylor Swift, and Andrea Swift.
Gettyimages | Rick Diamond/ACMA2013

Around 1:30am on January 17th, less than 12 hours before his failed attempt at - well, whatever it was he was trying to accomplish by breaking into Scott Swift's apartment - Hoover was pulled over and received a ticket somewhere in the surrounding area. His offense was making an illegal U-turn, and it was not until January 31st when his arrest warrant was signed off by a judge. Hoover is standing by the story that he was searching for his ex-wife, who apparently left him six months prior to the incident.

Taylor Swift.
Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

His arrest was finally made made on February 12th. He is being held at $50,000 bail while facing a burglary charge. Hoover's mother, Donna DeNapoli, has been in intermittent contact with her son's estranged wife. According to DeNapoli, her semi-ex daughter-in-law will periodically provide her with updates on the location of both herself and the three children she shares with the now-detained Hoover. The connection here is that it was around the time of this Swift-related incident when she allegedly told DeNapoli she was staying at a "church complex by the water." Therefore, Donna says her son is simply “looking for churches by the water where his wife could be staying.”

Adding to the list of things we don't understand: We're not sure how one can mistake a specific penthouse apartment home inside of a sky-rise condominium tower for a church shelter, so we'll see how that one holds up in court...

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