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Dawson poses on a red carpet

Rosario Dawson, LGBTQIA ... Maybe

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By Akayla Boyd

Rosario Dawson has been a long time activist and ally of the LGBTQIA community. She has used her platforms numerous times to back social rights. She has been a proponent behind several major issues throughout the years including immigration rights, voting rights, and other social justice causes. "I champion people" the warmhearted actress has been quoted as saying. Since becoming involved with Senator Cory Booker, the nation has gotten used to seeing her on campaign trails and at political rallies.

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Though she has been linked to junior United States Senator from New Jersey, Cory Booker, Dawson has been linked to the LGBTQ community before. In June of 2018, Dawson published a repost on Instagram in celebration of Pride that had people speculating. In the post, she gushed, "Happy Pride month! Sending love to my fellow lgbtq+ homies. Keep being strong in the face of adversity, loud & proud. here's a lil throwbyke to last year" along with a poem from @oranicuhh

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Dawson's fans took that as an exclamation of her queerness, but Dawson herself has never officially came out. In a recent interview with Bustle she addresses the reasons behind that. “People kept saying that I [came out]... I didn’t do that,” she says. “I mean, it’s not inaccurate, but I never did come out come out. I mean, I guess I am now.” She quickly pivots to remove herself from the equation, clarifying, “I’ve never had a relationship in that space, so it’s never felt like an authentic calling to me.”

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Understandably, Dawson is pointing out the security she has being in a heterosexual relationship. Never having been in a queer relationship, she does not have to face the same stigma as those in LGBTQ+ relationships. Her shedding light on this side of the topic is pointing out her privilege. Still, it is brave of her for making this distinction and clearing up her stance on the issue. This announcement comes in the wake of her trans-phobia accusations from a Los Angeles man.

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In the lawsuit, Finley, 55, tells of how they moved to Los Angeles in December 2017 to work as a handyman for the Dawson family and "renovate and remodel Rosario's personal residence," Finley came out, saying they would like to use he/him pronouns and be referred to as Dedrek. The lawsuit states that “the family misgendered him multiple times each day, with deliberate indifference as to the appropriate way to address Mr. Finley.” He claims that Rosario Dawson, “acted with deliberate indifference and did nothing to correct the situation.”

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