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5 New Ideas to Spruce Your Bedroom Inspired By Celebrities

Unsplash | Liana Mikah
By Lauren Capps

Are you looking to spice up your bedroom, but not sure where to look? Are you more modern or more rustic? There are lots of things to choose from in terms of furniture, decorations, wall paint, knick knacks, bedding, mattresses, and more that makeup the most popular room in your home. But look no further, as some of your favorite celebrities have a few neat ideas for you to try the next time you are looking to redecorate your bedroom.

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For those who are more rustic, it can be tricky to find out what you want. Do you want regular wood, or painted? A neat barn style sliding door can fit the bill just right as there are painted and nonpainted for your preference. This one for the entrance to your bedroom is especially rustic yet modern, and inspired by celebrity Meg Ryan. This beautiful yet vintage accent will add an atmosphere that can't be beat when you come home every day.


If you are more laid back and rather have something to relax in, a bean bag is perfect for you. They come in all shapes and sizes, which are perfect for what suits you best. And some designs will only add to your decorations, not take away, as noticed in Jennifer Aniston's chic and polished bedroom. Her soft fabric bean bags go perfectly with her fluffy, black pillows. Bean bags are the way to go even when celebrities' rooms are concerned.

Unsplash | Devon Janse van Rensburg

Strung up lights can be the cutest accent to your bedroom, if you are looking for more than just a few lamps to add. From twinkly ones you can string along your headframe to chandeliers and more, there are multiple options to choose from that fit your style and budget. But one choice stands out, and that is Kourtney Kardashian's cute "Love Me" lights hung above her bed. They add in just enough to make the room fashionable without being too over the top.

Gettyimages | Carlina Teteris

Ultimately, decorating your bedroom can be a difficult decision to make as to how to do it, but it can also be fun and a good memory making experience in finding your style and mood. From the colors to the furniture, figuring out if you are more of a traditional style person or one who that is more old-fashioned, it can become overwhelming. Don't give up! A few choices inspired by these celebrities can hopefully get your creative juices flowing so that you can come home to a beautifully styled bedroom every single day.

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