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'The Bachelor': Victoria F. Calls Madison's Behavior 'Disgusting'

Gettyimages | VALERIE MACON
By Francesca O'Hern

Now that Hometowns are over and done with, we're less than a week away from Fantasy Suites. The remaining women are HannahAnn Sluss, Madison Prewett, and... Victoria Fuller, for some reason. For someone who started out describing herself as shy and straightforward, she sure has been the center of a lot of drama this season. Beyond her constant arguments with Peter and slew of red flags, she's now apparently putting the other women down, according to the promo for next week's episode.

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Madison's Dilemma

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As we've gotten to know contestant Madison Prewett a little better over the season, it's become quite obvious that she is very religious. At no time was this more apparent than during her hometown date, when her parents explained that they are "a family of faith," and that Madison has made certain decisions based on this. One of these decisions is abstinence until marriage: Not only does Madison want to stay celibate herself, but in the promo, she told Peter that it would make her very uncomfortable if he slept with anyone else in the fantasy suites.

Fantasy Suites

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The promo for next week's episode showed us that all three women would be staying together during Fantasy Suites week--a completely unexpected move (maybe ABC is cutting back on expenses). This makes it much easier for drama to ensue, and it looks like there won't be any shortage of it next week. Toward the end of the promo, we see Madison explaining her standards to HannahAnn, saying “It is kind of a black and white situation...These are the expectations I have for our relationship.”

Victoria's Problem

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Next week, Madison supposedly tells Peter that she would not feel comfortable dating him if she found out he had slept with either of the other women during his fantasy suite dates. Victoria calls this an "ultimatum," and says it's "disgusting". As soon as the promo aired, member of Bachelor Nation swarmed social media to call Victoria out on her hypocrisy. Because Victoria has spent most of her time with Peter manipulating him, viewers were not okay with her judgment of Madison.

The Social Media Outrage

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It looks like most of Bachelor Nation is on Madison's side for this one. Victoria's social media comments and mentions have not been the most positive, with one person offering to refer Victoria to her therapist on Instagram, and many people sharing hilarious reactions on Twitter. One user complained, "Alright Victoria F is the worst person to ever be on the bachelor... in history... so manipulative and conniving," while another asked, "how is victoria f still on here? i could never imagine speaking to a man or bf that way..."

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