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Pete Davidson looks forward

Pete Davidson: College Dropout?

Gettyimages | NBC
By Wednesday Lee Friday

You don't need to watch 'Saturday Night Live' every week to see Pete Davidson. You might see him doing standup in clubs or on Netflix.

Davidson is also well-known for his way with women--famous women in particular. His engagement and subsequent breakup with Ariana Grande was the stuff of an explosion of internet buzz. In addition to other well-known performers, Davidson also dated 'Underworld' star Kate Beckinsale, with whom he shared a hefty age difference.

So what is Pete up to now?

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Pete's Personal Life

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Davidson is also well-known for his frankly tragic personal life. His father was a firefighter who was killed on 9/11. One could assert that this gave him emotional issues and a wry sense of humor with which to address them.

He was diagnosed with Crohn's disease as a teenager, which led him to use a variety of pain killing methods before deciding that marijuana worked best for him.

Later, he developed what he thought was a dependency issue with cannabis, and sought help. That's when he learned that in fact, many of his personal issues were caused by a borderline personality disorder.

Missing from SNL?

Davidson on Weekend Update on SNL
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During his tenure at SNL, Davidson has missed a few shows for reasons fans cannot stop speculating about. Whether it's about depression, drug use--though we can't imagine being high would actually keep an SNL cast member from appearing--or something else entirely, Davidson's absence is often cause for concern.

The last time Pete Davidson missed an episode when fans expected to see him--it was because he was filming for the 'Suicide Squad' sequel. He's probably got even more tattoos than Joker!

Davidson: College Dropout?

Davidson with laptop in SNL sketch
Gettyimages | NBC

If you love Pete Davidson, that probably means that you love his standup. Standup comedy is, some say, the purest expression of the joke makers art. It's a performer, an audience, and a mic, and that's all. No sets, no writers butting in, no other actors to play off.

Pete's new Netflix special covers topics like relationships, gays, movies, politics, and more. Apparently viewers are sharply divided about his take(s) on the issues. But if you already love Pete, nothing in the new special should shock you.

Neither should be seeing him play a college dropout and sympathetic friend to the main protagonist in 'Big Time Adolescence.'

New Movie with Pete Davidson? Yes, Please!


Also featuring Griffin Gluck and Machine Gun Kelly, the film 'Big Time Adolescence' comes to HULU next month.

To the surprise of literally no one, Davidson plays a college dropout who teaches his buddy the finer points of selling drugs and scoring with women. Needless to say, suspension of disbelief should not be an issue for HULU audiences.

The film itself should prove a fun watch provided it doesn't get bogged down with one of those annoying heartfelt messages. We look forward to seeing Pete, and kind of wish he was our scuzzy friend!

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