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Liza Lapira

What Liza Lapira Is Up To Now

Gettyimages | Amanda Edwards
By Ivy Pope

It is not unusual for characters to come and go from NCIS. It's not even unusual to find out your favorite character was killed or written off the show. One character that recently disappeared from the show after only a few episodes was Agent Michelle Lee, played by actress Liza Lapira.

What happened to her? Where did she go? Here's what we know, some background on who she is, and her other acting roles, before we dive into what she's doing now.


Liza Lapira made her acting debut in 1999, in an episode of Law & Order, titled: "Wander Lust". In this series she played three different characters (a waitress, a forensics tech, and a character named Rebecca Chang) in six different episodes, between the years 1999-2007.

Her film debut was made in Autumn in New York, which starred Richard Gere and Wynona Ryder.

In 2004, Lapira joined Huff as the character Maggie Del Rosario, from 2004-2006. After her stint on Huff, she began to play Agent Michelle Lee on NCIS, and remained in this role for 12 episodes, until 2008.

Lapira in a yellow dress.
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Lapira told CBS that she did not start as an actress, her introduction to the entertainment world came through her singing. “I actually started out with singing,” she told the news outlet. “Then I did a high school play that was a musical. Then after that, I just wanted to act. I went to school and started doing theatre and then I moved to Los Angeles in 2004.”

Lapira's first NCIS appearance was 2006, an episode titled "Shalom" (which is season 4, episode 1). In this episode the team has learned to work without Gibbs, and the FBI is hunting for Ziva after she sees a political assassination. This is when Vance's wife is killed and Ziva's father.

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Agent Lee is tranferred from the NCIS' legal division, and later she turns out to be a threat. We learn she's a mole, feeding classified information to an unknown source. She's later shot to death by Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Her last appearance is in 2008, an episode titled "Dagger".

After NCIS, Lapira appeared in the 2009 Fast and Furious (part 4), playing Sophie Trinh. After that she was in Table for Three. Then she ended back on television, in the series Dollhouse as a character named Ivy from 2009-2010. In 2019, Lapira returned to the NCIS universe, taking the role of Araminta Jax in NCIS: New Orleans, an episode titled "Crab Mentality".

Cast of When Harry Met Sally.
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Lapira has two projects in the works, *Modern Persuasion and The Fabulous Filipino Brothers. She has also been in the producer's chair, specifically involved with producing a TV short called Dr. Miracles in 2006. Six years after Dr. Miracles, she was assistant producer for a short film titled The Happiest Person in America.

So clearly, she can wear a few hats and that is always something to be proud of, because it means she knows the industry inside and out, from various views.

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