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Lisa Rinna and Jennifer Lopez Aren't The Only Women Who Are 50, Fit and Fabulous!

Gettyimages | Arturo Holmes
By Shadress Denise

Being fabulous at any age knows no bounds and obviously remaining in shape doesn’t either. In a world of social media, having a magnificent body is no longer slated for younger women. Women who have gracefully transitioned into their forties, fifties and even sixties prove a banging body is more than possible after children, a change in the feminine body, and a host of other things women encounter as they encounter the infamous middle age bracket if you work hard at it.

On Sunday, singer, actress, and mother of two, Jennifer Lopez, 50, posted a picture of herself in a two-piece bathing suit with the caption, “Relaxed and Recharged." on Instagram. Inspired by her boldness actress and mother of two, Lisa Rinna, 56, followed suit and posted a picture of herself in a two-piece bathing suit as well. Rinna, with a seemingly playful caption, “Not Relaxed and Recharged.”

The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star, Rinna has been spotted emulating the Super Bowl half-time performer before. Just last Halloween, Rinna dressed up as J Lo as she wore the actress's iconic MTV Awards Versace dress. Though Rinna didn’t come close to the eight million likes the “Let’s Get Loud” performer raked in, kudos should be given to her for the excellent shape she has kept her body in.

While we won’t be posting any bikini pictures any time soon, Rinna has inspired us to give kudos to some other ladies who are also in the fifty and older bracket that have maintained their fit and fabulous shapes.

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Gettyimages | Paul R. Giunta

Known for her astounding beauty, the Oscar-winning actress has taken fifty and fitness by the balls. Her washboard abs, incredibly defined arms and legs are all contributed to the regular fitness she posts about on Instagram.

With her beauty as the focal point whenever her name is mentioned, her love for fitness wasn’t made apparent until after she became a mother. Throughout her career, Berry maintained her petite frame. After giving birth to two daughters, Berry love for fitness became more public. With most pictures centering around yoga, cardio and boxing, it’s no wonder the actress is still looking fabulous.


Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

From the moment this green-eyed beauty came onto the scene, it was obvious she was a diehard fitness junkie. Her clear skin, toned physique, and high energy were clear factors in the high level of care she put into herself. Her personal trainer, Leyon Azubuike recently told Women’s Health magazine that Aniston’s workouts are still as hardcore as ever.

With a three to seven-day workout regimen, ranging from forty-five minutes or more, we can surely see how her body has hung in there.


Gettyimages | Jeff Kravitz

No stranger to keeping it tight and right, former model and ex-wife of Eddie Murphy, Nicole Murphygoes hard in the paint regarding her health. The mother of five who has appeared on several fitness magazine recently launched her own fitness app called, Nicole Murphy Fitness. The app allows subscribers a peek into workouts, meal plans, and other perks that will assist them in making working out and eating right a lifestyle. By the looks of her fantastic shape, it’s certainly worth checking out!


Bursting onto the scene with her spicy accent and feisty demeanor, this petite, Mexican American actress has aged like fine wine. Her curvaceous shape has undoubtedly done the same thing. In the past, Hayek-Pinault has contributed her body maintenance to juicing and corsets, however, the actress also enjoys walking her dogs as part of her fitness routine.

Although her posts with her in gorgeous gowns outweigh her swimsuit posts, when the actress does post one, it seems as if she hasn’t missed a beat.


Gettyimages | Stefanie Keenan

While her daughter’s relationship and beauty has been the topic of discussion lately, the mother of seven and wife to Steve Harvey can stand on her own. Her love for travel, fashion, food and health are just some of her favorite things the world is privy to throughout her social media pages. Always jet-setting around the world, Harvey never misses a moment to show off her phenomenal shaped curves and well-defined muscles in the beautiful couture that adorns it. We’re not sure if yoga is her secret weapon or not, but whatever she’s doing, it’s working for her.


Being fit is nothing new to the former supermodel. Even after becoming a mother, Crawford still has what it takes to walk the runway with the models of today. She recently by appearing on the February cover of Harper's Bazaar’s Singapore. Crawford embodied the cover’s title, Fabulous at Every Age proving once a supermodel, always a supermodel.

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