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Billie Eilish Deals with Fame and the Social Media Haters That It's Been Bringing

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By Kevin JP

Most of us have no idea what it's like to have over 54 million followers on Instagram and most of probably wouldn't want to know, based on what Billie Eilish has been going through. She spoke on the show BBC Breakfast recently about how, though she really wants to stay in touch with her fans, reading Instagram posts has been literally affecting her mental health and downright ruining her life. Billie says the more famous you get, the more people there are that hate you.

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Fans vs Haters

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Billie is really struggling with the battle between preserving her mental health and staying as connected as possible with her fanbase. Billie has been brutally honest about fame in the very recent past saying that 'it sucks' and she 'hates it'. Ever since her record breaking night at the Grammys, she's been targeted by trolls and as recent as two days ago, she has stopped reading comments on Instagram in an effort to save her sanity. It makes it really hard for her to stay in touch with fans, though.

So What Do We Do About It?

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The 18 year old, Lo Fi Bedroom Pop singer of When We Fall Asleep, Where Do we Go? fame got straight to the point about how vile social media users, one on Instagram in particular, have gotten and how it's caused her to stop interacting with her fans. Billie doesn't know what to do to combat this, as the cancel or call out culture that we live in is insane, in he words. Everyone is trying to get a laugh and a lot of the comments are funny, but cruel too says Billie.

Hiding Behind Cell Phone Screens

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It's so much easier for someone to say something negative when they can hide behind the internet. It's very true that most of the people making negative and hateful comments wouldn't say such things if they were to walk passed you on the street. It's what psychologists call negativity bias. Humans have a tendency to paymore attention to bad news. Some experts say that it could take three positive comments to potentially cancel out the effects of one negative comment.

Billie Won't Let Online Hate Affect How She Treats Her Fans In Person

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When Billie Eilish see fans anywhere, see wants to be able to to talk to them because she really sees herself in them. She refuses to let all of the harsh comments and cynicism, that she's no longer reading (but was getting consumed by) get in the way of interacting face to face. These types of issues are common for anyone in the spotlight, especially of Billie's stature, and turning off the internet and blocking out social media might be the only way to get around this problem.

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