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Demi Lovato Discusses Past Struggles With Eating Disorder & Body Dysmorphia and Her Later Overdose

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By madysonshaye

Before 2018, Demi Lovato had dedicated her life to fitness. Scrolling through her Instagram or listening to past interviews, it's easy to hear where the singer's mind was at. while she believed she was 'recovering from an eating disorder', in actuality, her obsession was just as unhealthy. 'I’m tired of running myself into the ground with workouts and extreme dieting. I thought the past few years was recovery from an eating disorder when it actually was just completely falling into it. And I just realized maybe my symptoms weren’t as obvious as before, but it was definitely and eating issue,” she said in a Feb. 18 podcast.

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Time Away From Music

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The 27-year-old starlet took some much needed time away from music, performing, and the general eye of spotlight after her July 24, 2018 near-fatal overdose and subsequent trip to rehab. She made her triumphant return very recently at the 2020 Grammys, performing for the first time since the horrific event took place. Getting back into the groove of being one of the most talented musicians of the decade quickly, she then performed the National Anthem at the 2020 Super Bowl on February 2nd.

Her Past


This isn't the first time Lovato has spoken up with her mental health and drug addiction issues,"I have always been transparent about my journey with addiction. What I’ve learned is that this illness is not something that disappears or fades with time," she wrote on Instagram in August. A month before her overdose in June 2018, she released her very personal song 'Sober' that detailed past relapses with drug issues, that she unfortunately learned you never can grow out of.

Eating Disorder's Don't Look A Specific Way

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Demi also discusses how she convinced herself that she was okay,and masked her own symptoms. “When you don’t have people who know the signs around you, I think what I really needed was someone to come in and say ‘hey, I think you want to take a look at how much you’re working out, or maybe three times a day is excessive for working out. There were times I lived at the gym and I would take business meetings at the gym on my breaks from my workout."

From 2020 On

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Now, the star is ready to take back control of her own life and the narrative that is presented that she now knows she herself is in charge of. The artist is no longer willing to destroy her mental health in order to look a certain way. “That’s not happiness to me. That’s not freedom. That’s not everything I’d worked for and preached to people, so why live that life if it’s a lie. So I just decided to not live that lie anymore.”

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