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Another Baby for the Conner Family? Maybe

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By Wednesday Lee Friday

Watching 'The Conners' is a little like watching the life of 'Roseanne Barr.' It's a collection of people you used to love, making one bad decision after another until you kind of want to look away.

This week, it seems that Darlene's boyfriend Ben may want a child of his own. A preview for the episode reveals Darlene (Gilbert) and Becky (Lacy Goranson) discussing the matter in their own wry way.

Darlene, of course, has two children with her ex-husband David. She also has enough money problems to make you wonder if she's a secret Trump.

Bad Choices?

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The Conners are a TV family known for being among the working poor. Always being tired (working poor jobs are hard) and strapped for cash leads to a low-key desperation that permeates every aspect of the series. Whether it's Becky's disappointment at learning there's no money for college, or Darlene's choice to eschew a high-paying job in favor of college--it's easy to want to second guess every move they make...until they win the lottery at least.

The sans-Roseanne reboot does not deviate from this. If anything, it exacerbates it. Not all fans are pleased.

Don't They Already Have Kids?

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It's entirely possible that Darlene won't want any more children. After all, her oldest was a difficult birth and was dangerously premature. She also turned out to be a rude, obnoxious person with no concept of gratitude or kindness. Her son is an awesome kid, but seems to require more time and energy than his family has for him.

Darlene may also be wary of having a child with a man who doesn't appear to handle stress well--especially given that David didn't stick around to raise his children in any meaningful way.

Politics, Anyone? No? Okay...

Donald Trump with wife Melania and youngest son Baron.
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Aside from The Conners, there's another family that figures prominently in this series--the First Family. Politics are everywhere on this reboot--from the 'we're not racist' inclusion of DJ's wife (ostensibly the black girl he didn't want to kiss in the school play as a child) and daughter, the new Muslim neighbors we haven't seen in two seasons, Jackie in her 'I'm With Her' gear, opioid abuse, and Becky's "illegal" baby-daddy, it's hard to see how any more politics could be squeezed into this show.

Somehow though, they are.

Will They or Won't They?

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The question remains: Will Darlene and Ben have a baby? If they do--will it vanish into thin air like Jerry (Roseanne and Dan's fourth child) or that baby Jackie and Fred (remember, she actually got married, then divorced, to him) had that hasn't been seen or mentioned in the reboot at all.

Plenty of fans are hoping that with their perpetual job woes, money problems, and the kids they already have--that Darlene and Ben will not rush into having another child. After all, Darlene is in her 40s and has already agreed to help with Becky's child.

Let's hope reason triumphs at The Conner home.

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