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Meet Lala Kent's Man, Randall Emmett, in Season 8 of 'Vanderpump Rules'

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By Bailey Banks

Despite being on a reality show that tracks almost every part of her life, Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has managed to keep her relationship more or less out of the public eye. In fact, Lala used to be extremely secretive about who she was dating, not even revealing his name on television. Although we now know that she is engaged big Hollywood producer, Randall Emmett, Randall himself has not been on Vanderpump Rules yet. Will that change in the currently airing season of the hit Bravo series? Read on to find out.

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Lala has been a staple on Vanderpump Rules since the show's fourth season. Although she was flirty at first, she quickly settled down with a mysterious man who paid for her Range Rover and private jet trips. Because Lala kept her boyfriend's identity a secret at the time, however, many of her fellow cast members believed that she was dating a married man. This led to a great deal of animosity between Lala and the other SUR ladies. As it turns out, Lala was dating a married man, but he had been separated from his wife for some time and simply finalizing his divorce when the two of them first got together. We now know that Lala's beau is named Randall Emmett, and he is an important Hollywood producer. Most recently, Randall worked on The Irishman, which was nominated for Best Picture in the 2020 Oscars.

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Now that Randall is officially divorced, he and Lala have been pretty public about their relationship. In fact, Randall even proposed to Lala in September 2019, and the two have recently started a podcast together where they spill all the juicy details of their life together.

However, despite being so open about their relationship, Randall has still never appeared on Vanderpump Rules. This is something that Lala has gotten criticized for by the rest of the cast, as they believe that they have had to expose more of their lives on the show that she has." Still, Lala has remained firm that her man will not be on the reality show for many years now.

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But all of that will soon change because Randall is now slated to appear on Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules. It is unclear how big his role will be just yet, but the producer appeared in the trailer for the currently airing season. The trailer shows Randall romantically carrying Lala into a building and speaking with her about their future together. After its release, Lala posted the trailer on Instagram with the caption: "It's fucking happening. All the begging I've done has paid off. Rand is officially a Bravoleberity...I love you, babyyyy. Thank you for stepping into my world."

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Lala isn't the only one eager to see Randall on screen. Many fans are also excited to see what he'll be like on camera. One Twitter user, @negativejunk, wrote that they were "completely enthralled by a like 2-second clip of Randall in the VPR season 8 trailer."

As of today, Bravo has released six episodes of the latest season, and not one of them has featured Lala's soon to be husband. Hopefully, he'll show up soon! In the meantime you can catch Lala and the rest of Lisa Vanderpump's employees every Tuesday night on Bravo during season 8 of Vanderpump Rules.

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