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Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston’s Advice to Her Younger Self That Every Youth Should Heed

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By Alan Blake

Jennifer Aniston has had a whole life on the screens, and her life is probably the envy of a couple of her fans.

However, things have not always been as smooth for the 51-year-old. Her younger age must have been through a lot more than she can tell, although voiced out some of the things she would not mistake if she were to get a second chance. As she put it, the actress has a couple of advice she would give to her younger self.

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Jennifer Aniston Recounted a Memory 40 Years Ago

Jennifer Aniston
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Last year, Aniston made a speech at Variety, where she had been invited as a Power of Women Honoree. In her address, she seemed to emphasize that power comes from one's voice, thus everyone deserves a chance to express his or her voice, and know that it matters.

She recalled an unpleasant experience that almost tore her apart. She had been invited for dinner but was, at some point, dismissed for the reason her contribution in the conversation would not count.

Aniston’s Turn Around about her Voice

Jennifer Aniston and husband Brad Pitt
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Although the incident happened while she was 11, the experience got hold of her, and to some extent, influenced her perception about her voice. As she reveals, she had all through doubted her voice, and never at any time considered herself a powerful woman.

However, her fans began to react to ‘Friends’ after it was first aired. According to her, she started meeting viewers who opened up about how useful the show was to them, and this moved her incredibly, and even changed her thoughts about her voice.

Aniston’s 20-year-old Advice


Jennifer Aniston would probably lead the best life given a chance. At 20, Jennifer would not have much to recommend, but only caution herself not to fret a lot. She was speaking during an interview she did with Glamour Magazine in 2013 with Jason Sudeikis.

As a teenager, Jennifer responded, saying she would ask her not to try so hard, but rather pay attention to details, do her assignments, and attend classes. The actress believed that it was possible to undo a lot of things, citing an example with happiness. According to her, it was all a choice, and anyone can change from being unhappy and find happiness.

Jennifer Aniston has Different Advice for Different Ages

Jennifer Aniston
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According to her speech in October last year, Jennifer has some wise words she thinks every child deserves to hear. They all need to know they are seen, powerful, loved, and worth taking a seat at any table, and anything they say is valuable.

However, her 30-year old would have something different. She would recommend getting therapy to clean up the shit and toxins and seeking an understanding of oneself. She terms the age as one at which one needs to seek self-understanding, and carve out the future.

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