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Cast of Criminal Minds

Some of the Greatest Episodes On 'Criminal Minds'

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By Sharon Oliver

For the past 14 seasons, 'Criminal Minds' has brought audiences to the edge of their seats as the minds of FBI profilers crossed paths with those of some of the sickest serial killers in the nation. At times, viewers were allowed a character study of the show's FBI heroes.

As season 15 prepares to close out the crime-drama, it will be interesting to see who the powers-that-be will bring back. It's already been established that Shemar Moore's Morgan is a no-go. However, it's been reported that Jane Lynch will return as Spencer Reid's mother. Here's a flashback to some of the best episodes from past seasons.

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Revelations - Season 2

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When fan-favorite, nerd agent Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), is held captive in a cabin in the woods by this episode’s killer as the rest of the team are forced to watch him drugged and bound a live feed, things soon get even hairier.

Reid starts having flashbacks of his childhood while slipping in and out of consciousness causing a sense of deep urgency for the team. James Vanderbeek plays religious fanatic and psycho serial killer, Tobias Hankle in this episode.

Mosley Lane - Season 5

A J Cook
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Due to the subject of children, "Mosley Lane" can be a little difficult to watch for some viewers, but ‘Criminal Minds’ really handled the topic with care. J.J. (A. J. Cook) tries to help a mother of a missing child while at the same time another similar case falls into the department’s hands.

It’s a different episode in that children are involved also while focusing and tackling the real-world problem of murdered and missing children and the parents who are left reeling and searching for answers.

To Bear Witness - Season 9

Esai Morales
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The team journeys to Baltimore, Maryland to assist in a case involving a John Doe who is paralyzed, can’t speak and has ligature marks on his wrists, and drill marks in the corner of his eyes. To their horror, they soon realize that John Doe actually had a lobotomy.

This episode has a must see TV surprise that is worth watching to find out! The BAU also get a new section chief, Mateo Cruz, who has a long work history with J. J.

Masterpiece - Season 4

Jason Alexander
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Many ‘Criminal Minds’ fans will tell you this is the absolute best episode of the show ever. Ever! Jason Alexander, who truly is a remarkable actor with surprising depth, guest stars as Henry Grace, a serial killer who honestly believes he was sent to earth to kill people. He admits to the team that he is responsible for killing multiple women and children that the team has been looking for.

Per norm, this episode also contains an insane twist! This episode is aptly titled “Masterpiece.”

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