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Billie Eilish Talks About the Damages of Social Media

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Nicole Brandy Ryan

Billie Eilish opened up about the effects social media was having on her, particularly reading her Instagram comments. While speaking to the BBC with her brother, Finneas O'Connell, the singer announced that she is no longer reading the comments left on her Instagram account. The 18-year-old also shared what she really thinks about Instagram, showing her disdain for the effect it has on mental health. When asked about the comments on her posts, she responded, “It was ruining my life, once again.”

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A Rising Star

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Billie Eilish has exploded in popularity over the past year, taking the music world by storm. She recently brought home five Grammys for her debut album, "WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?" However, with that stardom also comes the negativity. Paparazzi, press, and online trolls all have tried sinking their fangs into Eilish. During the interview with BBC, Billie's brother went on to add, "I think you might see someone like a famous celebrity and you may think, ‘Sticks and stones, nothing I say is going to be potent to them…' but it’s all very equal online.”

Cancel Culture

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Billie also talked about her major dislike of cancel culture and how dangerous she thinks it is. She told BBC, "Cancel culture is crazy. The internet is just a bunch of trolls. A problem is that a lot of it is really funny. I think that’s the issue, I think that’s why nobody really stops.” The fear of being canceled can be crippling, and the constant need to project a certain image on social media only adds to this pressure.

Pressure to Fit In

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Billie spoke candidly about the pressure people feel to fit in. She told BBC, “Also, I would say that it’s anything for a joke. You’d say anything to make people laugh. I’ve experienced that. Growing up, I’d say things that people would laugh at and then later I’d realize that wasn’t cool to say. She continued on, saying, “it’s worse, it’s way worse than it’s ever been. It’s insane that I’ve even been reading comments up until this point. I should have stopped long ago. The problem is that I’ve wanted to stay in touch with the fans and keep talking to them, but people have ruined that for me.”

Not Slowing Down

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Despite the online bullies and trolls, Billie has no plans on slowing down. Her career is just taking off, and it's only up from here. Just recently, she released the theme song, "No Time to Die," which she wrote with her brother Finneas for the upcoming James Bond film. She is changing the music industry, consistently pushing the boundaries and making waves. Billie's artistry and vision are pushing music forward, and no amount of negative online hate can change that.

Inspiring a Generation

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Billie Eilish is inspiring a new generation to be unapologetically themselves. She dresses the way she wants, makes the music she wants, and doesn't let anyone define who she is as an artist or person. It's this fierce individuality that sets Billie apart from other artists, and in turn, makes her an inspiration for her generation. She's letting the world know that she knows who she is, and doesn't need anyone's approval in order to feel whole. Social media and the pressure society puts on us to be perfect is everything Billie stands against, and it's that message that her fans truly resonate with.

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