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Why Dylan Sprouse Feels 'Insecure' About Relationship With Barbara Palvin

Gettyimages | Rachel Murray
By kenadijiba

During Valentines Day many of you probably were shut ins who even tried to avoid “Youtube '' because of the obligatory couple channels highlighting this unnecessary holiday in order to monetize the fresh wave of views. But, just because there are shallow human beings in this world who only care about the art of making money does not mean genuine couples do not exist. “Vogue” proved that when a cozy dinner between model Barbara Palvin, and Dylan Sprouse was filmed to everyone's delight.

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Dylan and Cole Sprouse

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We all know and love Dylan Sprouse for his iconic role on the series “Zack and Cody” alongside his twin brother Cole. During the tumblr era people were shocked after seeing how much he had changed since going to college at NYU. His intellect and sense of humor had grown significantly which also made him stand out a part from his acting career, and was a nice side to see for devoted fans of his. Although throughout the years he has faced tid bits of controversy, he somehow has maintained a decent reputation.

The 411 On Barbara Palvin

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As for Barbara Palvin, she is a woman of not so many words publically. She looks to be about her business and has made a splash in the modeling world probably because of her lack of chatter. Luckily for all who decided to click on this semi lengthy video, the idea of who Barbara is shapeshifted and her personality somehow superseded her stunning face. Her dry jokes were actually funny and the chemistry she has with Dylan was oh so evident to anyone with eyes.

"Trolls" On Social Media


Some key moments throughout the conversation involved discussions about “haters' ' on social media, and how they affect each of them differently. Dylan takes a more easeful approach and Barbara can at times allow it to get to her. When the theme moved towards their first date Barbara explained how she was just waiting for Dylan to make the first move to kiss her, and ultimately she had to be a bit forward due to his nerves. They also hit on the idea of desiring to keep their union pure from possible entities that would want to profit off it.


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Towards the end, Dylan hits on some of his insecurities. He explained how he would feel shy about Barbara kissing him in public because he believes everyone is pinching themselves wondering how he snagged her. It is interesting that Sprouse would think like that considering many women do find him attractive and might ask that question to the flipside. As the couple was on their way out of the restaurant it became apparent that their relationship is definitely one to last, and viewers were left on a wholesome positive note.

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