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Hayden Panettiere's Boyfriend Arrested For Punching Her In the Face On Valentine's Day

Gettyimages | Joe Kohen
By Zachary Holt

Valentine's Day is usually an opportunity for couples to be romantic and thankful for having each other, at least in most instances. This was not the case, though, with Hayden Panettiere, who was punched in the face by her boyfriend, Brian Hickerson.

While Panettiere was left with a bruised and swollen face, Hickerson was arrested for domestic violence and received a free trip to jail, Entertainment Tonight confirmed. The incident occurred in Wyoming and authorities have released a statement on the incident.

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Police Arrived on Scene to Find Hickerson Intoxicated in Driveway

Gettyimages | Jason Kempin

According to court documents that were obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Panettiere called police after her boyfriend had allegedly 'struck [her] with a closed fist on the right side of her face'.

The documents also claim that at one point, Panettiere locked Hickerson out of the home, which she owned. When police arrived on the scene, they found Hickerson standing in the driveway, highly intoxicated. Panettiere's boyfriend was not only acting oddly, but he was highly defensive and dodging questions by the police during their investigation.

Panettiere Had Visible Injuries to Face and Wrist Upon Police Examination

Gettyimages | Roy Rochlin

When it came time for the police to take a look at Panettiere, herself, her face showed that she had taken some sort of physical blow. The police report took note of the visible injuries to her face stating, "[There was] a fresh scrape and swelling on the top of her left hand which she believed came from Hickerson's watch during the altercation."

Upon authorities asking Hickerson if he had punched or hit Panettiere in the face, his 'demeanor immediately changed and he avoided the question' the report revealed. There was someone else on the scene they thought could be a witness, though.

Couple's Private Chef Could Not Offer Any Details into the Domestic Violence Incident

Grand Teton Sheriff's Department

According to the documents from the investigation, the couple had hired a private chef for $700 for the evening and was questioned about what they had seen. The chef did say that the couple had been arguing throughout the early portions of the evening, but they weren't aware of anything else that happened as they left well-before the alleged early morning attack occurred.

With nothing else to go on besides the injuries sustained to Panettiere's face and testimony, Hickerson was arrested and taken to jail for the alleged domestic battery, as well as, investigation interference for refusing to provide his identity.

Hickerson Had a Past History of Domestic Violence with Panettiere

Gettyimages | gotpap/Bauer-Griffin

This was not the first time that Hickerson was charged with domestic violence involving Panettiere. This past May, Hickerson was booked on suspicion of felony domestic violence after the couple had been out drinking. Police were called to a residence where they noticed red marks and other indications on Panettiere's body.

The charges were later dismissed, along with a judge ordered protective restraining order, in September of 2019, though. It's unknown what Hickerson's bond is for this charge, but he's unlikely to have a reoccurring charge dropped this time, given the documented evidence.

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