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Scheana Shay Thinks New Boyfriend, Brock Davies, Is Good As Gold

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By Bailey Banks

Fans of Bravo's hit series Vanderpump Rules will know that Scheana Shay hasn't had the smoothest go at love. After entering the spotlight for her relationship with then-husband of Beverly Hills Housewife Brandi Glanville, Scheana was married to music producer Mike Shay in 2014. Less than three years later, the couple got divorced when Scheana publically broke his heart on the Season Five finale of Vanderpump Rules. But the reality star isn't letting her divorce define her. In fact, after several failed relationships, Scheana thinks she's ready for love once again. This time with her muscley Australian boyfriend, Brock Davies.

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Who is Brock Davies?

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Brock Davies is an Australian hunk. He's a personal trainer, gym owner, and rugby player. He even tried out to be on the New England Patriots football team, but, unfortunately, he didn't make the cut. Scheana is known to take great care of her body and often posts her exercises on Instagram. So, there's no doubt that these two must bond over working out.

According to People, Scheana met Brock at an event in San Deigo, where he was living at the time. It wasn't long before the two were visiting his home country, during which the personal trainer also surprised the "Good as Gold" singer with a trip to Bali. In an Instagram post, Scheana cites that trip to Bali as being when "Single Scheana died."

What were Scheana's past relationships like?

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Scheana's dating history has been robust but rocky. And, on more than one occasion, Scheana's tumultuous dating life has landed her in the spotlight. In fact, before Scheana Shay became a certified Bravoleberity, before Vanderpump Rules was even created, Scheana was turning heads for her alleged relationship with John Mayer. In 2009, Scheana had a brief fling with the "Your Body is a Wonderland" singer before he called it quits because she was "too public about their relationship."

Then, in 2012, Scheana landed herself on seven episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when it was revealed that she had secretly dated Eddie Cibrian, while he was married to Housewife Brandi Glanville. At the time Scheana was working for Brandi's costar Lisa Vanderpump at the business owner's Beverly Hills restaurant, Villa Blanca.

By the time Vanderpump Rules launched in January 2013, Scheana was in a long term relationship with music producer Mike Shay. The two got married during Season Three of the Bravo series. Unfortunately, however, Mike struggled with drug addiction throughout their married life, and Scheana was ill-equipped to deal with it. They ended up separating in 2016 and were officially divorced by May 2017.

Almost immediately after separating from Mike Shay, before her divorce had even been finalized, the SURver, jumped right into a very serious relationship with Amber Valletta's half brother, Rob Valletta. Scheana got a lot of hate on Season Six of Vanderpump Rules, as many believed she talked too much about her relationship with Rob. She was heavily criticized for being too into a relationship in which her feelings weren't adequately reciprocated. In fact, there were even rumors that Rob was cheating on Scheana during this time.

If anything can be said about Scheana it would be that she is consistent. During Season Seven of Vanderpump Rules she once again entered into a seemingly one-sided relationship, this time with another SUR employee named Adam. Adam and Scheana's relationship remained unclear for much of the season, as Scheana kept saying that they were "best friends". However, at the end of the season, the waitress broke down over Adam and bought him a penguin.

Currently, Vanderpump Rules is on its eighth season, and Scheana is pulling her weight on the show with lots of juicy drama between her and fellow employees of Lisa Vanderpump. Notably, Scheana seems to have a rivalry going with one of the new cast members, Dana. As the season was filmed before Scheana met Brock, she appears to be single on the show. However, it is revealed that she had previously had relations with Dana's love interest and TomTom manager, Max Boyens. In classic Scheana fashion, the star claims to have bought Max an Apple watch. She also has made it clear that she's freezing her eggs, leading to some of the men on the show calling her "boy crazy."

After all of this drama, we're glad Scheana seems to have found some stability in Brock!

What does Brock say about Scheana's exes?

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According to Distractify, Brock isn't happy about the way Scheana's been treated in past relationships. On an episode of Scheana's podcast, Scheananigins, the gym owner reportedly joked that Scheana just hasn't been with a man before himself. The two also revealed that they ran into Rob at a concert not too long ago. Although the reality star didn't seem to feel any tension between her current beau and her ex-flame, Brock added at the end, "I'm all Team Scheana, mate," proving that he's on her side no matter what.

How is Scheana doing things differently this time?

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Scheana has been notoriously public with her relationships. Up until now, that is. According to Bravo, the avid social media user, is trying to take things slow and keep her relationship out of the public eye as much as possible. This is certainly a big change from Scheana's previous relationships, which have almost all been documented on television or social media. She comments on this directly, stating, "I just feel like every other guy I've dated I've always like shoved down people's throats and posted and posted and posted and posted." And it seems like the SURver is keeping true to her word, as Scheana's grid is relatively Brock-free.

Will they go the distance?

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Although Scheana might not be publicizing her relationship every chance she gets, she has made it clear that she's head over heels for Brock. "I've never been with someone who makes me feel so loved and not insecure," the star told US Weekly. Scheana seems to be all in for Brock to be her last love.

On the other hand, however, Scheana's castmate Jax Taylor, doesn't think the two will last. According to Inquisitir Jax thinks Scheana is "extremely co-dependent” and thinks she should look after herself before jumping headfirst into a relationship. Whether you agree with Jax or not, these are rich words coming from a serial cheater. Do you think Scheana's and Brock will go the distance?

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