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Four New Shows Coming To Netflix This Week

Gettyimages | Chesnot
By Jalyn Reed

Netflix is constantly revolving its Rolodex of shows and movies that it circulates for its viewers. With the success Netflix has been having with its own original shows and movies, it's no wonder that we have seen more and more of these Netflix Originals hitting the home page every time we log in to watch something. Here are the four newest arrivals to look out for that are coming to Netflix this week (week of February 16), from family shows to documentaries.

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America Ferrera
Gettyimages | Ilya S. Savenok

Following three Mexican-American cousins, Netflix gives us a look into their struggles to obtain the American Dream, whatever that is and wherever it may be. Gentefied is a half-hour bilingual dramedy that was adapted from a web series of the same name. The series premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2017 and was created by Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez. Produced by America Ferrera, and starring JJ Soria, Karrie Martin, and Carlos Santos among others, the new Netflix Original promises to be one of heartfelt family comedy that shows the struggles of the Mexican-American dream.

Gettyimages | Catherine Delahaye

Netflix is showing us the miracle of life with its newest documentary, Babies, exploring the first year of life we all experience when first coming into this world. Following fifteen families from all over the world, the documentary shares the intimate moments that families of all cultures get to experience from the moment of birth to the stage of being a toddler. The incredible journey will feature guest professors from the University of Minnesota, University of California, UMASS, Israel, and more.

Jon Favreau
Gettyimages | Mike Marsland

Actor and director Jon Favreau will be reuniting with Chef Roy Choi for their Netflix Original series Chef Show: Volume 3. Premiering on Tuesday, February 19, the show will continue the culinary adventures of the duo who premiered the show five years after their film Chef debuted. Since then, the Netflix Original has attracted critical acclaim and has featured many special guests. This season promises to do the same, teasing guests like Wolfgang Puck, Candace Nelson, and Sam Raimi to name a few.

Unsplash | Dan Farrell

Netflix is looking to bring in some darker elements to its repertoire of Netflix Originals by introducing its newest Brazilian series Spectros. Set to premiere on Thursday, February 20, the series will focus on five teenagers who find themselves in the middle of a clash between Brazilian witchcraft and Japanese Shinto spirits. Douglas Pietre, the executive producer, writer, and director of the series told The Hollywood Reporter that the series is "an awesome mashup of Brazilian folklore and real-life history, mixed with elements of the scariest Japanese ghost stories."

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